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LMD at the SLA 2021 Annual Conference

By Dan Bostrom posted 07-09-2021 11:48

SLA 2021 Annual Conference.

LMD is proud to have a part in the 
SLA 2021 Annual Conference. Below is a list of LMD sessions scheduled for the upcoming virtual event. All of these events are recorded, on-demand sessions available at any time. 


Emotional Intelligence: How Can you Increase Yours?
Presenter: Dr. Gary Shaffer

What is more important in today's workplace: IQ or EQ? Learn how to understand the relationship between emotion, productivity and quality as well as the impacts of emotional intelligence in the workplace.

How to Obtain Value Adds from the Vendor
Presenter: Gary Wingrove

As a corporate knowledge service specialist learn how to negotiate for value add ons from your vendors that improve the impact these purchases have on your clients.

Leaders as Coaches: How to Coach Your Employees Towards Success
Presenters: Rebecca Vargha & Sarah Wolfenden

Transform from “boss” to “coach.” Learn how to develop a coaching perspective by understanding the key principles of coaching, coaching partnerships and by practicing coaching tools and skills in your work situation.

Managing Knowledge Services Across an Enterprise
Presenter: Kimberly Engelkes

Stay relevant as a knowledge management specialist and understand current challenges in your role and how you can manage content successfully for your organization.

Managing Projects without a Project Management Designation

Presenters: Janel Kinlaw & Eugene Guidice

Increasingly managers are being called upon to manage projects that go beyond the scope of their professional qualifications and to work with procurement and information technology teams. Learn how to leverage their expertise and how a project management designation can help advance your career.

Virtual Meetings: Making the Most of Your "Screen" Time and Not Becoming the Cat Lawyer
Presenter: Christine Geluk

Make the most of your "Teams or Zoom" call sessions with leaders and colleagues. Learn step-by-step tricks for virtual navigation, identify moments where you can build affinity whether you're the chair or a participant and brush up on your public speaking skills.