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SLA LMD Connect Challenge #5: Don't be perfect - be Valuable

By Rebecca Brizi posted 02-10-2019 11:05


Analysis Paralysis is a real and insidious.

The problem grows because we tend to speak in terms of necessity: I need more information; I need more preparation; it has to be perfect.

My suggestion to you today is that you focus not on being perfect, but rather on being valuable.

What is Perfect?

That is a genuine question: can you define perfection? Do the people you serve, your internal clients, define perfection in the same way? 

Perfection is a subjective value. The word “perfect” should not appear on any work contract or in any strategy or quality assessment. What is perfect for your client may be an after-thought for you and a pursuit of perfection is an endless chase of an idea.

What is Good Enough?

But, you will say, I don’t want to be known for being “good enough”.

And rightly so. Good enough also, after all, means nothing in real terms.

There are not just these two options: “perfect” or “good enough”. So if you are avoiding perfection, don’t think that means you have to perform unimpressive work.

What is Valuable?

"Value" is defined by the person you are serving. When you focus on value you are focusing on a specific outcome for a specific audience.

This can be defined, described, and agreed upon. And this is what we should pursue when serving our clients. An explicitly understood valuable outcome.