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How to Survive and Excel in a Gig Economy

  • 1.  How to Survive and Excel in a Gig Economy

    Posted 04-30-2019 17:38

    It's May, and it's time to start planning your conference schedule! Learn more about each LMD conference session through our series of posts about the topic and speakers.

    How to Survive and Excel in a Gig Economy,  9:00-10: 00 am, Tuesday, June 18 

    How do we adapt to the gig economy whether facing ageism, change of career due to layoffs or other factors? As institutions close libraries and eliminate or revise positions, there are effects experienced both by those laid off and those who must lay off colleagues. Our panel will provide guidance on how to cope and explore what this trend may mean for the information management profession.

    Brandy King, MLIS, is a skilled and respected independent information professional with over 15 years of experience in non-profit health and social science research. Through her business, Knowledge Linking, she helps non-profits and small businesses find, organize and share information. She excels at applying innovative thinking to information management challenges and providing information to make evidence-based decisions. Brandy is a Fellow of SLA and member of the Association of Independent Information Professionals, and has held several board level positions in professional associations.

    Richard Hulser, President of Richard P. Hulser Consulting, has experience in corporate, academic, and museum libraries and archives, and as a vendor. His expertise includes library and archives management, content licensing, technology strategy planning, vendor partnerships and negotiations, scholarly research analysis with altmetrics, and digital library management. He comments on these topics through his blog http://Cybrarianviews.com. Richard is a Fellow of SLA, has held a variety of elected and appointed positions in SLA, and is currently president of the SLA Southern California Chapter.

    Above: our speakers, Richard Hulser and Brandy King

    We asked Richard and Brandy a few questions to get initial insights about this topic and their experience with it.

    How did you first get interested in this topic?

    Richard: I've held a variety of positions in different work environments, including my own business, throughout my career. It seemed that every few years I'd change responsibilities within the same company or work in a different organization, sometimes by my own choice and sometimes due to a choice made for me, such as a layoff.

    Brandy: From my experience in starting my business in 2011.

    What can attendees expect to learn or take away from the session?

    Brandy: Many different aspects of being in business as an information professional: How do you know whether it's right for you? How financially sustainable is it? How do you find clients?

    Richard: Attendees will learn how to own and be resilient and successful in their career direction, wherever it may lead. There should be ideas of value to anyone, whether starting out or well experienced in the information profession.

    Can you share a tip or piece of advice as a sneak preview of this session?

    Brandy: Many libraries do not have the ability to add new staff positions into a budget, but they can much more easily hire people out of a project's cost center. They have a project that needs to be done, no staff available to do it, and can dedicate funds to a person (you!) assigned only to that project.

    Richard: The amazing network of friends and colleagues in SLA and other organizations will enhance prospects for success throughout your career.

    Intrigued?  Be sure to attend this session and learn more about this timely topic at SLA 2019 in Cleveland!

    Elizabeth Trudell
    LMD Communications Director
    Faculty Associate, Columbia IKNS Program