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Expand Your Career Opportunities Starting Right Now!

  • 1.  Expand Your Career Opportunities Starting Right Now!

    Posted 06-03-2019 11:56

    We wrap up this series of posts about LMD's 2019 conference sessions by introducing the members of a  panel session on the opening day of the conference. Join us for a lively conversation exploring how information professionals can leverage their skills and move in many different career directions.

    Expand Your Career Opportunities Starting Right Now! with Rebecca Jones, Jamie Luedtke, Jennifer Pflaumer & Geraldine Clement. Sunday, 2:30pm-4:00 pm, Conf Ctr, Rm 15

    There are many career paths for librarians and information professionals. Join us for this fast-paced panel of colleagues who have taken their careers in different directions, utilizing their librarian/information professional skills to thrive in many work and consulting environments. Find out why they did it and how. You will come away with ideas for taking your own career in a different direction.

    Geraldine Clement-Stoneham
    (moderator) is the Head of Knowledge Management and Scholarly Communication at the Medical Research Council (MRC) in the UK.  Her team provides support and advice to MRC staff and researchers on a range of KIM issues. Her responsibilities range from advising on corporate information governance, information management-related risks, open access, and data sharing policies to acting as a subject expert on projects to harness technology, standards, and good practices to enable data, information and knowledge sharing.

    Jamie Luedtke is the Manager of Standards and Content Development at the Association for Supply Chain Management in Chicago. Her responsibilities as a "solo librarian" range from running her association's digital library and project managing the content development of supply chain frameworks to curating industry-specific resources and overseeing the update of an industry dictionary. Prior to this, she held roles in program management at a niche center for international librarian training, in fundraising at a large academic library, and in program management at the American Library Association.   

    Jennifer Pflaumer has been an independent information professional for 10 years, helping companies better store, share and manage their digital files and assets. She launched her information management consultancy, Paroo, in 2009 after realizing the need for concentrated information management solutions for businesses across all industries. Her expertise includes creating information strategies, improving workflow processes, and performing systems analysis and design. She helps companies to purchase and refine digital asset management systems, organize content with dedicated taxonomies, and make content more findable on their websites.

    Jennifer earned her Master of Library Information Science from UCLA, with a focus on human-computer interaction, digital media, and information architecture.

    Rebecca Jones is the managing partner of Dysart & Jones Associates, a boutique management consulting firm working specifically with libraries and information services or knowledge management organizations.  She focuses on projects, large and small, to facilitate planning, problem-solving, priority-setting, and organizational design.

    Rebecca has also worked in public libraries, corporations in IT and in HR and records/archives as well as academic libraries, including running the revenue-generating learning center at the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto.

    LMD thanks our generous Annual Conference sponsor, BST America, for making these events possible!


    Elizabeth Trudell
    LMD Communications Director
    Faculty Associate, Columbia IKNS Program