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Professional Development -- John Antill -- Knowledge Management

  • 1.  Professional Development -- John Antill -- Knowledge Management

    Posted 07-14-2022 10:45
    Hello everyone,

    This is Alison Senkevitch, one of the professional development co-chairs for the Leadership and Management Division.  Please join me for our upcoming Knowledge Management event on 10:00 CST (11:00 ET).  John Antill will be speaking with us about Knowledge Management.  If you've already registered for this program and then noticed it disappeared from the Learning Hub, you are not losing your mind.  I messed up posting the event the first time and had to re-post it.  My sincere apologies.  Please do go back in and re-register though, it should be an interesting event.  Here's the info:

    Please join us for our next Professional Development event on July 18th at 100:00 CST.. John Antill currently serves as Knowledge Manager at US Army Expeditionary Workforce.  John will be our tour guide as we journey through the world of Knowledge Management, exploring the differences between Knowledge Management and Data Management and also exploring some examples of organizations managing information projects -- some with surprising success (Library Preservations in Timbuktu -- not kidding!!) and some with unexpected bumps in the road (the US Army's Launch of Office 365).

    What:  A Professional Development with John Antill -- Knowledge Management

    When: July 18th (10:00 CST)

    Questions?  Comments?  Please contact Alison Senkevitch at alison@senkevitch.es.

    Here is the link to register on the SLA Learning Hub.  Hope to see you there.

    Alison Senkevitch