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Professional Development Topic Feedback needed

  • 1.  Professional Development Topic Feedback needed

    Posted 06-05-2022 23:46
    Hello everyone,

    Alison Senkevitch here, one of the professional development co-chairs for the Leadership and Management Division.  Annette and I are planning more professional development events and we really need your help.  What topics are you all interested in?  Is there a topic that any of you would be comfortable presenting on, either on your own or in a panel discussion format?   Some ideas I had were:

    * business librarianship
    * business research sources and best practice
    * competitive intelligence gathering
    * copyright
    * training and teaching others as a special librarian (perhaps as part of a corporate "learning and development" department)
    * onboarding new direct reports
    * maintaining professional relationships
    * managing professional communications well
    * government information and sources,
    * negotiation (either in terms of negotiating your contract/salary or negotiating with vendors)
    * international issues (either working as special librarian in another country or working in a position that requires close collaboration with international colleagues)
    * covid (a topic that we are probably all a little sick of, but it may be interesting to talk about what we have changed in how we work, what changes we kept, and what we went back to doing the "old way")

    If any of these topics seem really interesting to you, please let me know.  And if you would be willing to at least consider sharing your expertise as a presenter, please let me know that as well.  Our sessions are usually 45 min to an hour long (with some time at the end reserved for Q&A), and could be set up as a panel discussion if that would make more sense.  I will handle promotion and will also act as hostess, setting up the session and introducing the speaker(s).

    Thank you again, and again, please let me know what you think.  Annette and I really want to make our professional development as relevant and as interesting to you all as possible.

    Alison Senkevitch