Solution-Driven Services with Rebecca Gebhardt Brizi

When:  Nov 13, 2019 from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM (ET)

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What will you learn?

Success is not about what you do; success is about what you solve and how your solutions work for your clients. You bring value to your clients when you solve their problems. The challenge is that the client experiences your solution after your work is done. 

Rebecca helps you come to grips with that dichotomy, and seize its richness.  What are the implications for you, as an information professional, of the fact that your success relies on what happens to your clients after you have left, as a consequence of your solution?

This webinar guides you through building a process to understand your client solutions in their context and in their language so that you can truly offer Information Solutions as a Service.

About Rebecca Gebhardt Brizi
Rebecca Gebhardt Brizi is a Strategic Development & Business Operations Consultant, building strategies with organizations of all sizes that are focused on growth, value, and easy accessibility by their clients. She’s also responsible for Acahi’s North America Business Development. Previously she was Head of Operations for Vable (formerly Linex Systems).  A strong contributor to SLA in Georgia, she is always at the ready to bring innovative thinking to LMD as well. And by-the-by – she is fluent in five languages!

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