LMD History

1976 At a Denver conference luncheon meeting several people decided that there was a need for a division that focused on management. A petition was circulated at the lunch and later that day and over 35 signatures were collected in support. Several of the signatories met and Cecily Surace assumed the position of Acting Chairperson and Ruth S. Smith assumed the position of Acting Secretary. Prior to submission of this petition titled Management Provisional Division was forwarded to the Board of Directors for their approval (June 10).  After some discussion with members of the SLA Board the word “Library” was added to the name. The Board approved the formation of the Library Management Provisional Division. (June 11)

1977 At the New York conference, the SLA Board of Directors granted Library Management full division status. (June 10) and the division started its phenomenal growth.

1978-1986 When the division status was granted we had 230 members by the beginning of 1978 we had 564 members. This rapid expansion of division members continued for another 3 years before growth leveled off. The downside of this growth is that our expenses exceeded our income in these pre-internet years. The bulletin needed to be mailed to all members and we had conference expenses.  An increase in division allotments finally eased our financial difficulties.  By the end of our tenth year our members numbered 1661 making us the third largest division.

  • History contributed by former LMD Chair, Judith Field.