Your Current LMD Leaders 2020

Your Leaders for 2020

The Leadership & Management Division board includes elected officers, an appointed advisory board and section chairs. Learn why you should actively participate.

Executive Board

Chair – Geraldine Clement-Stoneham read profile
Chair-Elect – Joanie Olivier read profile
Past Chair – Janel Kinlaw read profile
Secretary –  Will Olmstadt  read profile
Treasurer – Anne Barker read profile
Director of Communications–  Dan Bostrom read profile

Advisory Board

2020 Program Planning Committee Chair – Jamie Luedtke read profile
2021 Program Planning Committee Chair – Appointed in 2020
Awards Chair – Dana Eckstein Berkowitz read profile
Business Partners Committee Chair – Kelly Irving read profile
Membership Committee Chair –  Susan Forbes read profile
Nominating Committee Chair – Janel Kinlaw read profile
Professional Development Committee co-Chairs – Rebecca Jones  read profile  and Ray Pun read profile
SLA Board Liaison – Emma Davidson
Webmaster – Christine Geluk

Section Chairs

More information about Sections - refer to the descriptions to the right

Content Buying Section –  Kelly Brennan

Consulting Section –  Julia Parker read profile 

Marketing Section – Melissa Fraser-Arnott read profile and Sabah Eltareb read profile

2020 Conference Progam Planning Committee

Chair –  Jamie Luedtke
Member -  Geraldine Clement-Stoneham
Member - position Open

2021 Conference Progam Planning Committee

Chair –  Appointed in 2020
Member -  position Open
Member - position Open

Awards Committee

Chair – Dana Eckstein Berkowitz
Member - position open

Business Partners Committee

Chair – Kelly Irving
Member - position Open

Communications Committee

Chair – Dan Bostrom
Connect – position Open
Facebook - Alison Senkevitch
LinkedIN - position Open
Twitter - Leigh Milligan
Webmaster – Christine Geluk

Membership Committee

Chair – Susan Forbes
Member - position Open

Member – Kathy Blackwell

Nominating Committee

Chair – Janel Kinlaw
Member – position Open

Professional Development Committee

Co-Chairs – Rebecca Jones and Ray Pun
Member - position Open

Sections of the Leadership and Management Division

Content Buying

The Content Buying Section of the Leadership and Management Division includes information professionals and vendors involved in the many aspects related to managing enterprise-wide contracts such as vendor relationship management, contract negotiations, budgeting and funding of licenses, training and communications, risk management, and measuring and maximizing an enterprise’s return on the investment in content licenses.

For more information on the Content Buying Section, please contact Kelly Brennan


Members of the Consulting Section represent services such as information brokering, strategic consulting and technical consulting. This includes consultants within an organization, and those serving external clients.

For more information on the Consulting Section, please contact  Julia Parker.


The Marketing Section of the Library Management Division was established to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information regarding marketing theory and how to effectively market information services.

For more information on the Marketing Section, please contact Melissa Fraser-Arnott and Sabah Eltareb