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Policy and Procedures Manual

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Leadership Reimbursement Policy

General FYI:

Rates as of 2019:

  • Chair and Chair-elect are allowed up to $1500 each
  • Conference Planner, (current year) is allowed up to $1500
  • Conference Planner, (following year) is allowed up to $750

Explanatory Notes

LMD reimburses the above-listed leaders for an amount up to the dollar amounts indicated above for attendance at meetings of SLA, where SLA is meeting to conduct the business of the Association (typically this is the Annual Conference and the Leadership Symposium). Travel funds may be apportioned between both meetings at the leader’s discretion, but the dollar amounts indicated above are based on the assumption of attendance at both meetings for the Chair, Chair-Elect, and Conference Planner (current year). The Conference Planner (following year) is only requested to attend the Annual Conference. If the Chair or Chair-Elect is unable to attend a meeting, the Chair shall designate a Board member to act as alternate representative, with reimbursement being made to that individual. If a leader is unable to attend one of the meetings, and no alternate representative is designated to go in their stead, the dollar limit for that role's travel budget is halved that year unless the leader is travelling from outside of North America.


Division representatives should make a good faith effort to obtain conference funding from their employer before requesting the use of Division funds. These funds are intended to be used by officers who do not have a supportive employer or who otherwise may not be able to afford the full costs of attendance. With the approval of the Board and depending on the current budget situation, this subsidy can be increased if necessary in any particular year to ensure attendance by a Division representative when travel costs are higher due to circumstances such as the location of the Annual Conference or Leadership Symposium.


The following criteria must be met to be eligible for reimbursement:

  1. The leader’s employer is not able to pay for reimbursement sufficient to cover the costs of attendance or the leader is self-employed.
  2. If the leader’s employer is able to pay a partial reimbursement, the amount they are reimbursed by their organization must be deducted from the total reimbursement given to the leader. For example, if the employer reimburses the Chair or Chair-Elect $500 to attend the meeting but their total cost of attending the meeting was $1,250 then the Division shall reimburse the Chair or Chair-Elect only the $750 not covered by the employer.
  3. The leader must attend the relevant meeting(s) for which they are being reimbursed as LMD's representative, and report results or details of the meeting back to the LMD Board.
  4. Reimbursement is given to cover only the cost of registration, hotel, airfare, and/or ground transportation to and from the airport. Original receipts proving the expenditure must be provided with any reimbursement request and there are no exceptions to this rule. If there is no receipt, no reimbursement will be given. Receipts may include such things as: an electronic airline ticket showing the cost of the flight to the cities of the meetings; receipts from taxis or shuttle services to and from airports or hotels to conference meeting location; hotel bill receipt; credit card statements or any other form which may prove the expenditure actually occurred either getting to, during, or returning from the meeting.
  5. Leaders must submit a Check Request Form, with receipts, and include the Total Expense, Amount Reimbursed by Employer, if any, and Total Requested Reimbursement from LMD.