LMD Leadership

Why Seek a Leadership Position?

Each year many members choose to give their time and expertise to lead the Association in varying capacities. Some positions are elected and some are appointed. Some are at the international Association level – Board of Directors and Committees. Some are within the various units of the association – either within Chapters, Divisions, or Caucuses.

Investing in volunteer efforts can provide an alternate track for management or professional training which might not be available through your employer. Getting involved in SLA leadership and in the Leadership & Management Division will provide professional and peer relationships that can broaden your technical and interpersonal skills, challenge you and enrich your life.

Develop Skills/Stretch Abilities – SLA offers the opportunity, in a non-threatening environment, to build on existing skills, stretch abilities, and learn skills which will translate to the job.

Contribute to Your Profession – Share your knowledge and ideas with your peers.

Career Builder – The skills learned through SLA work translates to skills which you may need to excel in your career. You learn skills of delegation, motivation, mentoring, budget development and management, desk-top publishing, web-publishing, chairing an effective meeting, fund-raising, and how to recruit and reward others – just to name a few.

Networking – Discover new resources and new colleagues who share your interests.

Interested?  Contact your LMD Chair or Chair-Elect.

For a list of positions see our current leadership page.