Service Plan

LMD Service Plan 2019


    • Provide members with news and information about leadership and management tips and best practices
    • Provide channels for effective communications among our members
    • Encourage member participation in LMD committees and activities
    • Recognize member contributions via LMD Awards
    • Provide growth and leadership opportunities for LMD members
    • Expand outreach by collaborating with related entities within the larger SLA and in other organizations
    • Promote mentoring opportunities between our members
  • Make effective use of technologies provided by SLA and other sources to deliver services and connect members



Ensure comprehensive communication of:

  • LMD activities and programs inside SLA
  • SLA and LMD brands
  • Our members’ success stories
  • SLA resources, especially as related to leadership and management

Engage with Membership

  • Encourage member interaction to share their leadership values, experience and best practices
  • Use a range of communications channels including SLA Connect, direct mail and social media to reach the broadest number of members
  • Provide communications support to LMD Sections and Committees

Public Relations

  • Increase awareness of the division and its value to members


  • Understand the demographics and professional needs of our Division’s members
  • Define and promote member services
  • Promote an active cross-sectoral and global membership
  • Mentor and support our membership
  • Actively recruit new members, including students
  • Support and retain existing members


  • Provide a fiscally and administratively sound organization for the benefit of our members
  • Operate the Division in a business-like manner
  • Provide an overall structure that enables the implementation of the service plan
  • Operate the Division in an open manner, making meetings, minutes, and outcomes of decisions available to members as soon as possible
  • Provide a supportive environment to encourage networking and the building of relevant skills

Professional Development

  • Provide high-quality relevant professional development opportunities appropriate to our membership’s varying levels of experience and interest to encourage professional growth
  • Plan a variety of programs and webinars to target specific audiences throughout the year
  • Provide relevant content to members and the wider community, e.g., share tips, articles and news on leadership and management related topics
  • Provide a supportive environment to encourage networking and the building of relevant skills


2019 Goals

  • Elizabeth Trudell - Promote member services and increase member engagement on SLA Connect
  • Elizabeth Trudell - Create and send survey to members on LMD services/programming
  • Joanie Olivier - Raise necessary funds to cover all non-conference programming and awards
  • Rebecca Jones & Therese Mainville-Celso - Deliver relevant, quality programming
    • Offer 6 webinars a year (1 advanced, 1 business partner, 1 international, etc.)
    • Create and Execute LMD’s 2019 conference programs
    • Explore programming/outreach specific to middle managers/senior executives
    • Explore programming/outreach specific to new leaders
    • Offer programming available live in different time zones
  • Natasha Chowdory  - Continue to work with the new Diversity and Inclusion Caucus (DICE) and look for opportunities for collaboration
  • Geraldine Clement-Stoneham and Debbie Schachter- Review LMD’s Governing Documents and Policy and Procedures document against the new guidelines from SLA HQ