Inaugurated in 2010, the Chapter Champion awards are given to two chapter members annually in recognition of outstanding contributions to the chapter, public service activities, assistance in professional development, promotion of special librarianship, or publication of a professional paper. All Maryland Chapter members, except for past recipients, are eligible for awards.


Past recipients:


2021 – Brynne Norton and Jamie Roberts
2020 – Dawn French and Candace Norton
2019 – Sarah Green, Amy Trost, Anne Janac
2018 – Ya-Ling Lu, Matthew Pearson, and Angela Prikockis
2017 – Zaida Diaz, and Kimberly Yang
2016 – Margaret (Peggy) Carr, Jill Konieczko, and Lea Wade
2015 – Nancy Faget, Maria Pisa, and Diane White
2014 – Annette Haldeman and Nevenka Zdravkovska
2013 – Donna Goda, Cindy Sheffield, and Rene Stein
2012 – Tracey Landfried and Ashley Conaway Arnold
2011 – Sean Henry, Judith Tapiero, and Edna Paulson
2010 – Susan Fingerman and Chris Olson

Nominations are reviewed each fall by the Hospitality and Awards Committee and are presented at our chapter's annual Holiday Cheers Celebration event.