Chapter Events

Chapter Events from 1926 – 2018

1926-1956 prepared by Beth Stanton (1989) 1990-1997 research in progress
1956-1977 prepared by Nancy Yee (2004) 1998-2004 prepared by Nancy Yee (2004)
1978-1989 prepared by Laura Nielsen (2004) 2005-2018 prepared by Danguole Kviklys (2019)



The first meeting of the Round Table for Special Librarians in Michigan was held at the Scripps Branch of the Detroit Public Library.  Twelve librarians attended.


A luncheon meeting was held at the Dearborn Inn where it was decided to meet every two months and keep the group very informal.


General Motors became the first institutional member from Michigan.


A petition for affiliation with the Special Libraries Association was signed by ten members of the Detroit Group.


The SLA Bulletin carried the first report of our Chapter’s activities.  The Chapter’s first “official meeting” was held in Ann Arbor.  Miss Margaret Mann, Associate Professor, University of Michigan Library School was the speaker for the meeting.


The constitution of the Special Libraries Association of Detroit was accepted.


The Chapter’s annual meeting was held at General Motors Proving Grounds in Milford, Michigan.  The Chapter had four institutional, 22 active and 21 associate members.


“Detroit Day” was held as a post-convention trip for the Special Libraries Association after its annual conference in Cleveland.


First directory of the Chapter was prepared. Also, the Chapter’s constitution was amended to change the name from SLA of Detroit to Michigan Chapter of SLA; Offices of Vice President, Treasurer and two Executive Board members were added.


A special dinner meeting was held at the Statler Hotel honoring Sir Angus Fletcher, Librarian of the British Library of Information and Director of SLA.


A luncheon meeting was held at the Detroit Institute of Arts including a discussion and viewing of the murals being painted by Diego Rivera.


The Chapter petitioned the Mayor of Detroit to endorse the budget item providing for Wednesday service in the Detroit Public Library, thereby restoring a six-day library week.


The first issue of the Bulletin of the Michigan Chapter was edited.


An invitation was extended to SLA to hold its next annual convention in Detroit.  The invitation was rejected.


The Chapter’s constitution was completely revised based on the SLA model.


A dinner meeting was held at Detroit Edison.  It included a tour of the company’s new completely air-conditioned building.  Seventy-eight members and guests were present.


A UNION LIST OF SERIALS for 35 libraries in metropolitan Detroit was compiled.  The publication was sponsored by the Detroit Public Library and a W.P.A. Project.


SLA was invited to hold its 1942 convention in Detroit.  The invitation was again rejected however war conditions reversed the decision in March 1942.


The first international meeting was held in Windsor, Ontario at the Windsor Star.  H.M. Mordent, Associate Editor of the Star spoke.


A meeting was held at the Kingsley Inn.  It included a visit to the libraries of the Cranbrook Institute of Science.


A meeting was held at the Old Wayne Club.  Chester S. Ricker of McCann-Erickson, Inc. spoke about timing sport races.


The SLA annual convention was held at the Statler Hotel in Detroit.  It was attended by 239 librarians.


A meeting was held at the Engineering Society’s Rackham Building.  Herbert M. Place from the U.S. Rubber Company, spoke about rubber.


A meeting was held at Detroit Edison’s Research Lab after a dinner at Old Madrid.  H.S. Walker spoke about the library’s place in research.


A meeting was held at the Detroit Institute of Arts.  Francis Waring Robinson, the Institute’s Curator of European Art, spoke about “Books as Art.”  Fifty-three librarians attended.


A meeting was held at the Norton Palmer Hotel in Windsor, Ontario.  A panel discussion about the post war library was held.


A meeting was held at Wayne University Club.  A panel discussion about “What Makes Special Libraries Special” was presented.


A meeting was held at the Women’s City Club.  Kurtz Meyers, from the Detroit Public Library, presented a talk about “An Audio-Visual Division in a Public Library.”


The Michigan Chapter met at the Dearborn Inn as guests of the Ford Motor Company.  The meeting included movies at Rotunda and a tour of the Rouge Plant’s steel mills.


W.C. Cisler, Executive Vice-President of Detroit Edison, spoke to the Chapter about “Some European Problems Facing the United States.”  The meeting was held at Detroit Edison’s cafeteria.


Two meetings were held this month at the Rackham Building.  Early in the month, Philip Nusholtz, an attorney, spoke about income taxes.  Later that month Dr. H.M. Marker, Parke-Davis Company, spoke about “The Romance of Medicine.”


Francis Keally, a New York architect, spoke to the Michigan Chapter about “The Master Plan of the Detroit Public Library.”


A meeting, held at the Stockholm Restaurant, included color slide presentations about “A Trip to the Rocky Mountains” and “Wild Life in Michigan.”


Ruth H. Hooker, SLA’s President, addressed the Michigan Chapter about “What’s New in SLA and How it Affects You.”  The meeting was held at the Dearborn Inn.


A meeting was held at the L’Aiglon in the Fisher Building.  Father William Dehler, University of Detroit, spoke about “Planning a New Library.”


Members of the Michigan Chapter were given a tour of the library and plant of the Plaskon Division of Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Company in Toledo, Ohio.  Dr. Maurice H. Bigelow spoke to the group about “Modern Plastics and Their Uses.”


A meeting held at the Engineering Society of Detroit included workshops on punch cards, clipping files, and “New Ideas in Library Equipment.”


Fisher’s Restaurant was the site of a Chapter meeting where Fred H. McIntire, Chief of the Detroit Office of the FBI, spoke to the group about “You and the FBI.”


Robert A. Dearth, Vice President at Ross Roy, Inc., spoke at the Chapter’s meeting held at the Fort Shelby Hotel.  His topic was “The Library’s Place in Management’s Picture.”


The Michigan Chapter met at Dow Chemical Company in Midland, Michigan.  The meeting included tours of the Dow Chemical Library, the chemical plant and Midland churches.


Workshops were held at the Detroit Public Library, including a session about “Cooperation Between the Public Library and Special Libraries.”


Tours for the Chapter were given at Upjohn Company in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


Michigan Chapter members toured the City-County Building and the Municipal Reference Library.


A panel discussion was held at the Detroit Public Library about “Selling Your Library to the Administration and to Your Public.”


A workshop about “Mechanical Aids in the Library” was given at the Detroit Public Library.


Dr. Robert Shaw, professor at Rutgers University Graduate School of Library Science was guest of honor at a meeting jointly sponsored by the library staffs of Detroit Public Library, University of Detroit, Wayne County Library, Wayne State University, and SLA.  He spoke on the topic “Scientific Management of Libraries.”  Dr. Shaw promoted simplification and commented “we must not learn to do efficiently what does not have to be done at all.”


Eighty-three librarians were in attendance for a meeting held at the Detroit Public Library.  A panel discussion was held on the topic “Government Documents and their role in the Special Library.”


A Mechanical Retrieval workshop was held.  The topic was presented in “elementary terms.”


“New Frontiers in Cataloging” was the subject matter for a meeting held at the Park Shelton Hotel in Detroit.  The Dewey and Library of Congress systems were discussed.


The Chapter participated in the First Governor’s Conference on Libraries.


The Detroit Press Club was the site for the April meeting.  Dr. John Diekhoff, professor at the University of Michigan addressed the group on the topic “The Special Librarian as Educator.”


A tour of the offices of Gale Research in the Book Building was given after a dinner held at Stouffer’s Restaurant.  Ninety members attended.


The 35th anniversary of the Michigan Chapter was celebrated at the annual meeting, held at Topinka’s Country House.


A Management Night provided an opportunity for members to invite executives from their organizations.  Guests included management from Campbell-Ewald, Chrysler, Detroit Edison, Detroit Public Library, Ford Motor Company and General Motors.


Sister Claudia, librarian at Marygrove College spoke regarding an indexing project for the Catholic Encyclopedia.  In order to streamline the project she used automation, something that Britannica had not used previously.  A computer “will do exactly what you tell it to do, but don’t expect it to do your work for you,” commented Sister Claudia in an article in The Detroit News.


The annual meeting was held at Oakland University.  A tour of the “new and rapidly growing” library was included.


A meeting at the Dearborn Inn featured Florine Oltman, president-elect of the Special Libraries Association.  Ms. Oltman’s talk was titles “Vision Unlimited.”  Time was also spent reviewing problems discussed at a national level including a possible name change for SLA or federation with other groups.


“The Changing Face of Special Libraries” was the theme of the SLA conference held at Cobo Hall in Detroit.


Ann Arbor’s Campus Inn was the site of a meeting featuring a video on “Problems of Procuring Government Documents.”  SLA’s Business/Finance Division produced the video at the 1970 conference.


“Man & Machine” was the topic of discussion at a meeting held at Burroughs Corporation.  “Don’t let the computer bully you,” the speaker advised the audience, “you are the master and not to be inhibited by it.”


In response to an inquiry regarding the Chapter’s hopes to attract the national conference in 1980 or 1981, the Metropolitan Detroit Convention & Visitors Bureau advised that construction on the new Renaissance Center was underway.  Completion of the Renaissance Center was expected by April 1977.


Dr. William Saffody, archivist with Wayne State University, spoke on the topic of Reprography – copy machines, microfilm equipment and cameras at a meeting held at Mario’s.


The Midwest Federation of Library Associations held its convention at Cobo Hall.  The Chapter sponsored concurrent sessions on statistics.


“OCLC as a Reference or Information Tool” was the topic of a panel discussion.  The meeting was jointly held by ASIS and SLA.


A tour of the Michigan State University Library Law Collection was given as part of a meeting held at MSU.  The topic “How to Help Patrons with Legal Research Problems” was also discussed.


Diane Mirvis from the Wayne State University Department of Library Science spoke on “Automation and the Special Library in the 80s:  Innovative and Imaginative Uses.”


115 members attended to hear a report on the White House Conference on Libraries and Information Services.  The Conference was held November 15-19, 1979 in Washington D.C.


Tom Harnish of OCLC, Inc. presented “THE SOURCE:  An Information Utility for Library and Home.”  155 members attended.


“How to Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Small Library” was the topic of this presentation by Gene Heileman of the Whirlpool Corporation Research and Engineering Information Center, Beatrice Sichel of the Western Michigan University Physical Sciences Library, and Linda Wagenveld of the Herman Miller, Inc. Resource Center.


Dr. Jack W. Wiley, Director of Personnel Research and Planning, National Bank of Detroit, spoke on “Performance Appraisal:  Management by Objectives as a Performance Appraisal Method in Evaluating Libraries.”


“The National Technical Information Service:  Current and Future Services” was the topic of this meeting at the DPL Friends Auditorium.  Melvin Day, Director, NTIS was the speaker.


A meeting on “Special Libraries:  Trends and Issues” was held at Weber’s Inn, Ann Arbor.  Dr. David R. Bender, Executive Director SLA was the speaker.


Dr. Philip Mason of the Walter P. Reuther Library of Labor and Urban Affairs presented “New Trends in Archival Collecting.”


A joint meeting entitled “Yesterday to Tomorrow:  Preservation Planning for the Special Library” was held with the Western Michigan Chapter.


Gary Fangborner spoke on “Genealogy” at the MSU Management Education Center in Troy.


103 members attended this program on “Leadership Dynamics” and “Marketing Your Library.”  The speaker was Kaycee Hale, Executive Director, Resource and Research Center, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Library.


A joint meeting with ASIS was held at the Ann Arbor Mariott.  Pauline Smillie, Project Manager, Distributed Databases, Electronic Publishing Division, UMI spoke on “CD ROM Publishing:  Comparisons with Film, Online, & Paper.”


Susan Stepak of the Campbell-Ewald Company, Sallie Ellison of the Industrial Technology Institute, and Ann Beaubien of Michigan Information Transfer Source presented a panel discussion on “implementing a fee based information service within a special library of a corporation or educational institution, for use by individuals or companies no in competition with the corporation.”


An informal talk on market research was presented at the Strohaus in Detroit.  Raymond Gross, Director of Corporate Planning, The Stroh Brewing Company was the speaker.


The meeting was held at the Chrysler Information Resources Center.  Demonstrations included the Sydney Library System, network message capabilities, OCR scanning, and shared databases.

1990 to 1997     Research in progress


Stephen Abram from HIS Canada addressed a joint meeting of the Western/Upper Peninsula and Michigan Chapters held at the Library of Michigan in Lansing.  Abrams emphasized that librarians have the skills to take on key roles in content management and knowledge management.


Chapter members were invited to attend “Our Preferred Future Conference for Michigan Libraries,” a two day event jointly sponsored by the Library of Michigan Board of Trustees, the Michigan and Western/Upper Peninsula Chapters, SLA and other Michigan based library organizations.


Nettie Seabrooks, Chief Operating Officer and Chief of Staff, City of Detroit spoke on “Knowledge Management in Corporate and Government Environments.”  Ms. Seabrooks, a trained librarian, worked for both the Detroit Public Library and GM prior to moving into the government sector.


“What I Should Have Learned in Library School:  Insights for Information Professionals,” part of the SLA Virtual Seminar Series, was presented at Wayne State University.


Speakers representing both Michigan Chapters of SLA (Judith Field and Paulette Groen from the Michigan Chapter, SLA and Leslie Burke of the Western/Upper Peninsula Chapter, SLA) presented a pre-conference program before the Michigan Library Association’s annual conference in Grand Rapids.  The topic of the half-day program was “The Power to Perform:  How Professional and Personal Competencies Contribute to Personal and Organizational Success.”


Digital copyright issues was the topic discussed by speaker Ruth Dukelow, Associate Director, Michigan Library Consortium.  Gale Group of Farmington Hills hosted the meeting.


The Fall 2003 issue of the Michigan Bulletin was mailed electronically to members for the first time.  Moving to an electronic format corresponded with the Association’s electronic communication initiative.



SLA-Michigan.  75th Diamond Anniversary Celebration

The Chapter’s seventy-fifth anniversary celebration took place in Dearborn with two events.  Stephen Abram, Vice President of Innovation, Sirsi Corporation, was speaker for an afternoon audience at Henry Ford Centennial Library on the topic “Survivor Library:  Outwit, Outplay, Outlast.”  At a dinner meeting, held later at the Dearborn Inn, Cynthia Hill, President of SLA, addressed members on the topic “Building on our Past, Creating our Future.” 

A letter of congratulations was received from First Lady Laura Bush.

Over one hundred members attended.

Henry Ford Centennial Library, Dearborn, Michigan


University of Michigan Student SLA Chapter Events

  • Introduction to SKA and tour of the University of Michigan’s Map Library
  • Introduction to Library Resources with Donna Hayward
  • Internship panel from Second-Year SI Students
  • Henry Ford Museum, Private Archives Tour and Greenfield Village


SLA-Michigan Chapter meeting with Janice R. Lachance,  Executive Director of the Special Libraries Association


SLA-Michigan Annual Business Meeting and Tour of The Parade Company


Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library. Historical overview of presidential libraries and tour. Speaker: Dr. Elaine Didier, Director


SLA Michigan Chapter Meeting

Hockey Town Café, Detroit, MI

2/ 2006

 Identifying your talents. Speaker Jennifer Rosenzweig


Arab American Museum and Library, Dearborn, Michigan. Tour


JD Power and Associates. Speaker: Denton Dance

Presented an overview of JD Power’s history and insights of the many aspects of information that goes into a J.D. Power report


SLA-Michigan Annual Meeting

Reception for Judith J. Field, Senior Lecturer for the Library and Information Science Program at Wayne State University and the 2006 recipient of the John Cotton Dana Award

McGregor Conference Center, Wayne State University


Changes at MEL –Michigan eLibrary

Speaker: Sussana Davidson, Michigan eLibrary Coordinator. UM School of Information. Ann Arbor, MI


SLA-Michigan Holiday Party

Spot of Tea. Birmingham, Michigan


 The membership of the Michigan Chapter voted to approve the merger of the Chapter with the Western Michigan and Upper Peninsula


Creating Groupies or Showing the Information-Hungry People Within Your Organization that They Desperately Need You.
Speaker: Mary Ellen Bates, Bates Info Services


US EPA Library, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Tour


SLA Veteran Panel Discussion


Talking to Vendors and Negotiating

Michigan State University


Social Love-Fest. Stress Management & Wellness


SLA-Michigan Holiday Party and Annual Business Meeting

Ford Conference Center. Dearborn, MI



Wayne State SLA Student Chapter

  • 9/2007. Special Collections and Map Libraries at the University of Michigan. Tour
    10/2007. Competitive Intelligence. Professor Judy Field
  • 11/2007. Toledo Museum of Art. Anne Morris, Head Librarian
  • 2/2008.  Detroit Institute of Arts Research Library and Archives. Maria Ketcham, Head Librarian
  • 2/2008. Lunch and Learn with Professor Judith Field. Knowledge Management
  • 2/2008. Bruce T. Halle Library at Eastern Michigan University. Tour
  • 3/2008. Cranbrook Academy of Art. Judy Dyki, Library Director. Tour and lecture
  • Detroit News and Detroit Free Press. Tour
  • Toledo Zoo Library. Tour
  • Lunch and Learn with Professor Judith Field – “Government Documents: A Goldmine of Information.”
  • Presentation: LexisNexis. Adrienne Kreger-May, Executive Consultant



Wayne State University Walter P Reuther Library and Archive Tour


SLA Member Meet & Greet

Ann Arbor, Michigan


Detroit Institute of Art Library Tour


SLA Member Meet & Greet

Warren, Michigan


University of Michigan SLA Student Chapter

Tour the Archives of Michigan, Michigan State University’s Comic Collection and the MSU Vincent Voice Library, Lansing, Michigan


SLA-Michigan Teleconference Meeting


Michigan Buhr Shelving Facility Tour


SLA and its Future Vision. 
Speaker: Stephen Abram


Speaker: George Needham

Eastern Michigan University. Ypsilanti, Michigan


SLA-Michigan Holiday Party & Business Meeting

Schoolcraft College, Livonia


SLA Annual Meeting Recap

Pier Park-Gross Pointe Farms


Librarian Placement Services. Presenter: Joel Berger. C Berger Group

The C. Berger Group in Chicago specializes in library placement services and provided information about the job market for librarians

Southfield Public Library


Gloria Zamora, SLA President

Talked about the rationale behind the Association’s alignment effort and why an Association name change was needed

Hatcher Library, University of Michigan


W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research. Kalamazoo, Michigan. Tour and Overview of Institute’s work. Presenter: Linda Richter, Librarian


SLA-Michigan Holiday Party & Annual Business Meeting

Schoolcraft College, Livonia


University of Michigan William L. Clements Library

Lecture and tour featuring the Library’s collections and history. Presenter: Kevin Graffagnino, Director


Market Research with Mary Ellen Bates.  BatesInfo Services


Strategies for Managing Library Budgets

Michigan State University, Lansing, Michigan


SLA Annual Conference Recap

Grand Valley University, Grand Rapids, MI



SLA @ Wayne State Student Program

  • John K. King Used and Rare Books: Tour
  • Web 2.0 for Small and Special Libraries
  • Cranbrook Archives and Detroit Historical Society’s Collections Resource Center: Tour


Cranbrook Archives: Archival tools PastPerfect and ContentD



SLA-Michigan Holiday Party & Auction

Schoolcraft College, Livonia


SLA-Michigan recommended webinars

  • Lessons of a first time digitizer. DSOC Nonprofit section
  • Connecting E-Science and the Team Science: The Changing Nature of Research (MMHSL/MLA)


Job Seekers Get Straight Talk from Employers

Timely discussion about careers in today’s market. Our panelists will provide their expertise on how job seekers can find information about potential employers both in the private and public sectors. Our speakers will offer invaluable knowledge from the employer’s perspective. The speaker panelists are:

Beverly Cornell, Director of Awesome, Mango Languages

Carolyn Rice, Director of Talent Acquisition, ProQuest

Corey Seeman, Director, Kresge Business Library at University of Michigan

Cynthia Phipps, Regional Manager, Kelly Services – Automotive

Mango Languages.  Farmington Hills, MI


Networking: Bowling

Super Bowl. Canton, MI; Spartan Lanes. Lansing, MI; Taylor Lanes, Taylor, MI


Chapter Webinar: Utilizing Technology to Enhance Library Services with Laura Nielsen

Staying current and relevant is essential for special libraries, especially in these challenging times. Throughout the past couple of years, a few of the projects the GM Library has undertaken have addressed the need to stay current and relevant, and have utilized technology in doing so. In this presentation, Laura Nielsen of the GM Library will discuss the following projects as well as give insight into the customer’s response to them: the implementation of live chat at the GM Library, a SharePoint site created to facilitate the company’s external publication review process, and the introduction of a new logo and refresh of the library’s website.

Presenter: Laura Nielsen, GM Library


SLA-Michigan Holiday Party and Annual Business Meeting

Weber’s Inn.  Ann Arbor, MI



Survey Success: 10 Tips for Effective Survey Design

Learn how to create a successful survey! Join us for a presentation that aims to demystify the survey process by sharing simple rules for survey success.  This presentation introduces 10 tips for crafting effective survey questions to elicit informative answers. In addition, constructing an easy-to-use questionnaire format and various features of web survey tools to consider will be discussed.

Presenter:  Deborah H. Charbonneu, Assistant Professor, Wayne State University

Wayne State University David Adamany Undergraduate Library. Detroit, Michigan


Chapter Webinar – It’s Not all Bad News: Using Competitive Intelligence to Spot Opportunities.

Discussed how competitive intelligence can be used for more than assessing threats. It will focus on opportunity-based intelligence, which can help generate sales leads, enhance marketing strategy, identify collaborators, and leverage technology. Using both primary and secondary research, opportunity-based intelligence can deliver a competitive advantage for organizations because it provides unique and differentiated insight into growth strategies/tactics. Practical research techniques and examples will be included, as well as a discussion on the evolving definition of competitive intelligence and how it impacts special libraries.

Presenter: Matt O’Connor, Director of Business Intelligence at Midland-based AIM



Presenter:  Sarah Singer, Assistant Director, MSU International Business Center.

Explained why globalEDGE is widely used by faculty, students, librarians, and business people around the world and how you can incorporate it into your research repertoir

University of Michigan Ross School of Business



Speed Networking.  Presenter: Ivan Misner

Barnes and Noble. Allen Park, MI


SLA Michigan Holiday Party and Annual Meeting

Weber’s Inn, Ann Arbor


SLA Michigan Knitters Group

Northville District Library. Northville, MI


Cultural “Melting Pot” Luck.

Through stories, discussion, and food, learn what special libraries in Michigan are doing in the way of expanding on cultural diversity and awareness. 

Mango Languages, Farmington Hills, Michigan


Networking Skills. Skills and suggestions plus rounds of speed networking.

Presenters: Baker’s Dozen Networking Group. 

University of Michigan – Dearborn, Mardigian Library


SLA-Michigan.  Annual SLA Conference Recap and discussion.

Henry Ford Centennial Library, Dearborn, MI


#SLAtalk: Smorgasbord!  Aug 15, 2013. Via Twitter. Topics to address (15 minutes each):

Top techniques or quick tips: competitive intelligence best practices; 2. Change management: how do you manage or initiate change within and across your org.?; 3. Dream jobs: what information job would you love to have? Or what about your current job is a dream job?; 4. How do you measure the success or track the results of your latest initiatives?


Business Research Tips and Tricks (for everyone!).

Presenter: Celia Ross, Kresge Library, University of Michigan Ross School of Business

Ross School of Business. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


Doing Library Different: Alternate Uses for a Library Degree. 

Panelists: Alicia Biggers, Ford Motor; Eva Gogola, College for Creative Studies; Joel Scheuher, Marklines; Karly Szczepkowski, Wayne State University

Northville District Library. Northville, Michigan


INALJ (I Need A Library Job) Detroit area meet up & networking event

Goodnight Gracie, Royal Oak, Michigan


SLA-Michigan Holiday Party and Annual Business Meeting

Portofino. Wyandotte, Michigan


Program and Tour of Gale/Cengage Learning.  

Program topics: Production; Digitizing; Legal compliance; Partnerships; Marketing

Farmington Hills, Michigan


Altmetrics: New Trends in Tracking and Measuring Scholarly Impact.

Addressed how altmetrics are shaping the scholarly landscape, their relationship to traditional metrics, and their potential uses for tracking scholarly influence.  Featured a diverse range of alternative tools for assessing scholarly impact and opportunities for library and information professionals


Deborah Charbonneau, Assistant Professor, School of Library & Information Science, Wayne State University

Alexandra Sarkozy, Librarian & Liaison to College of Nursing, Wayne State University

Northville District Library. Northville, Michigan


Looking into a New Library Position? 

Discussion panel members – three hiring managers: Michelle Puckett, Library Manager, Consumers Energy; Susan Kendall, Health Sciences Coordinator, Michigan State University; Pat Orr, Legal Information Resource Analyst, Library Law Solutions

University of Michigan Ross School of Business. Ann Arbor, MI


ProQuest Digital Factory Tour.  Ann Arbor, Michigan


SLA-Michigan Mid-Summer Party in the Park (and SLA Annual Conference recap).

Kensington Metro-Park


SLA-Michigan Networking Event.  Bill’s Beer Garden. Ann Arbor, MI


User Experience in Special Libraries: What is it?  How do I assess it? Lansing, MI. Onsite or online.

Discussion: What does user experience mean for libraries, and why should libraries care about it? What are the current user experience trends in libraries, and how do we assess our library to make sure our patrons are actually receiving a good user experience from us? This program is intended for librarians interested in learning more about what user experience means for libraries, and how to start assessing how their library’s user experience measures up. Particular attention will be paid to websites and making them more appealing to our users. 


Michigan State University Cyclotron.  Lansing, MI

Tour of the National Superconducting Cyclotran Laboratory, the largest university camout-based nuclear science laboratory in the U.S.


SLA Michigan Holiday Party & Annual Business Meeting.

Speaker: JP Porcaro, Head Librarian for Acquisitions and Technological Discovery at the New Jersey City University Guarini Library

The Dearborn Inn, Dearborn, MI.


Webinar: Navigating GPO’s Federal Digital System.


Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library & Museum.  Ann Arbor, MI. Overview & Exclusive Tour.

Presenter: Elaine Didier, Director


Webinar: What to Do When You Don’t Know What To Do: Conflict First Aid

Presenter: Pat Wagner of 

Co-sponsored with SLA Solo Librarians Division & SLA-New York


Webinar: Improving Information Exchange in the Workplace

Presenter: Pat Wagner of

Co-sponsored with SLA Solo Librarians Division & SLA-New York


Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library & Museum. Overview and Exclusive Tour 

Presenter: Jim Kratsas, Deputy Director

Grand Rapids, Michigan


Webinar: Copyright Clearinghouse

Presenter: Michele L. Ayers, Manager Educational Services


Webinar: How to Manage Your Local Node in a Global Workplace

 Presenter: Pat Wagner of

 Co-sponsored with SLA Solo Librarians Division & SLA-New York


University of Michigan 3D-Lab Tour

Ann Arbor, MI


SLA-Michigan Holiday Party and Annual Business Meeting

Guest Speaker: Jim Ottaviani author of Two-Fisted Science: Stories About Scientists and other works

Ann Arbor Marriott Ypsilanti at Eagle Crest


Detroit Opera House Library Tour

Detroit, Michigan


Buying and Selling Information – Successful Vendor/Customer Relationships

Presenter: Michael Gruenberg, Gruenberg Consulting LLC, Bethesda, MD

University of Michigan. Ann Arbor, MI


What does it take to succeed in a competitive business?

Host and presenter: Anne Herron, VP of Allis Information Management (AIM).

SLA Annual Conference recap

Renaissance Center, Detroit, Michigan


SLA-Michigan Networking Event 

Vinsetta’s Garage, Berkley, Michigan


Toledo Museum of Art Library Tour

Presenter: Allison Huftalen, Head Librarian


SLA-Michigan Networking Event in Grand Rapids

Mitten Brewing Company, Grand Rapids, MI


SLA-Michigan Holiday Party and Annual Business Meeting

The Whitney, Detroit, Michigan


Who is Hiring?  The Job Market for Librarians and Information Professionals. Online or onsite

Introduction & Moderator: Danguole Kviklys. Panel Members: Brad Rogers, Director of Recruiting at LibGig at LAC Group (Los Angeles); Ann Lee, Account Development Executive at Dow Jones (Chicago); Anne Herron, Vice President of Business Intelligence at AIM (Midland, MI)

University of Michigan Ross School of Business. Ann Arbor, MI


Data Analysis & Information Visualization Tools

Presenter: Mari W. Buche, Associate Professor of Management Information Systems, Michigan Technological University

UM-Dearborn – Mardigian Library, Dearborn, MI


Detroit Public Library Tour


State of Michigan Archives Tour.  East Lansing, MI.  Presenter: Jessica Harden, Archivist


Tell a Better Story – Improve Your Presentation with Charts.  Onsite & online

 Presenter: Meryl Brodsky, Eastern Michigan University

 UM Ross School of Business, Ann Arbor, MI. Onsite and online


MI-SLA Holiday Party and Annual Business Meeting

Plymouth Historical Museum, Plymouth, MI. 


Rescuing Endangered Government Information: Where Are We After One Year? 

Presenter: Justin Schell, Director of the Shapiro Design Lab at the University of Michigan Libraries and one of the organizers of the 2017 Ann Arbor Data Rescue Event

University of Michigan Ross School of Business. Ann Arbor, MI


SLA-Michigan Open House for Library and Information Science Students

Discussants: Meryl Brodsky; Robin Linkowski; Jane Potee; Celia Ross

University of Michigan Ross School of Business. Ann Arbor, MI


SLA-Michigan Dine Around at the Michigan Academic Library Association (MIALA) Conference.

 East Lansing, MI





Michigan Area Business Librarian Meeting. Friday, June 28, 2019

 Program Sessions

  • Networking; Professional Association Activities; Publishing Opportunities
  • Factset & Bloomberg on Wall Street (Kai Petainen)
  • How to translate a business question into a market opportunity – featuring the Michigan Economic Gardening program (Chad Groenhout)
  • Free Business Information Sources for Michiganders (Corey Seeman)
  • Business Resource Window Shopping (Kresge Librarians) 
Attended by over forty business librarians in Michigan, Ohio and Canada working the public, academic and corporate sectors

Co-sponsored with Kresge Library Service and the Michigan Academic Business Librarians
University of Michigan Ross School of Business. Ann Arbor, MI.


Initiating Formal Project Management: Benefits and Challenges.  Onsite & online

Presenters: Joel Seewald and Danguole Kviklys

University of Michigan Ross School of Business, Ann Arbor, MI


SLA-Michigan Holiday Party and Annual Business Meeting

Kindness Empathy and Love in the Workplace. Speaker: Lance Werner, Director of the Kent Library District

Weber’s Inn. Ann Arbor, MI