Past Presidents

Several dedicated individuals have served the Michigan Chapter SLA during its history. These past presidents have shown their commitment to the organization by serving the members of the Chapter in its highest capacity. This list indicates the diversity of people and organizations that make up the Michigan Chapter SLA.

Michigan Chapter SLA Presidents
1929-30 Ford M. Pettit The Detroit News
1930-31 Caroline W. Lutz General Motors Corp.
1931-33 Frances E. Curtiss The Detroit News
1933-34 Charles M. Mohrhardt Detroit Public Library
1934-36 Mrs. Louis P. Dorn Detroit Edison Company
1936-37 Esther N. Hooper The Detroit News
1937-38 Helene Thorne Detroit Public Library
1938-39 Dorothea Dawson Detroit Public Library
1939-40 Mary Giblin Detroit Edison Company
1940-41 Mary Giblin Quilhot Detroit Edison Company
1941-43 George A.R. Gilfillan The Detroit News
1943-45 William L. Powlison Automobile Manufacturers Assoc.
1945-47 Louise C. Grace Grant Advertising Agency
1947-48 Merle Manning Detroit Edison Company
1948-50 Eleanor V. Wright Chrysler Corporation
1950-52 Florence H. Armstrong Ross Roy Inc.
1952-53 Ruth P. Braun The Detroit News
1953-54 Katherine LaMont Ford Motor Company
1954-55 Rachel MacDonald Ford Motor Company
1955-56 Robert Armstrong Detroit Public Library
1956-57 Dorothy J. Forman GM Research Laboratories
1957-58 Robert Diehl The Detroit News
1958-59 Walter Forster Detroit Public Library
1959-60 Eleanor Potter Detroit Public Library
1960-61 Kenneth Metcalf Henry Ford Museum
1961-62 Mary Montgomery GM Research Library
1962-63 Ernest Horne GM Research Library
1963-64 Mildred K. Hulme Dearborn Public Library
1964-65 Annetta D. Ohlson National Bank of Detroit
1965-66 Gloria M. Evans Parke, Davis & Company
1966-67 Forrest H. Alter Flint Public Library
1967-68 Phyllis Sears Chrysler Corporation
1968-69 Theodore A. Rupprecht Bendix Corporation
1969-70 Forrest H. Alter Flint Public Library
1970-71 Doris Detwiler Detroit Public Library
1971-72 Barbara Becker Parke, Davis and Company
1972-73 Delores Maximena GM Research Library
1973-74 Elizabeth Moore Burroughs Corporation
1974-75 Frank MacDougall Michigan State University
1975-76 John W. Weigel II University of Michigan
1976-77 Joanne Hansen Eastern Michigan University
1977-78 Rita Sparks Oakland University
1978-79 Elizabeth Smith Campbell-Ewald Company
1979-80 Lucille Kelly Parke Davis
1980-81 Emily Mobley General Motors Corp.
1981-82 Judith J. Field Flint Public Library
1982-83 Jennie B. Cross Oakland Intermediate School District
1983-84 Catherine Cochran General Motors Corp.
1984-85 Stephen Lucchetti Ford Motor Company
1985-86 Steven Wecker National Bank of Detroit
1986-87 Paulette Groen Society of Manufacturing Engineers
1987-88 Diane M. Rockall Detroit News
1988-89 April Vossberg Ross Roy Communications
1989-90 Beth Stanton Comerica, Inc.
1990-91 Margaret Shepard General Motors Corp.
1991-92 Patricia Yocum University of Michigan
1992-93 Paulette Groen Ford Motor Company
1993-94 Sylvia Graham Henry Ford Hospital
1994-95 Patrice Merritt Wayne State University Libraries
1995-96 Hillary Handwerger Society of Manufacturing Engineers
1996-97 Tracy Primich Ford Motor Company
1997-98 Carol Tower Society of Manufacturing Engineers
1998-99 Agnes Bongero Henry Ford Hospital, Sladen Library
1999-2000 Pam MacKintosh University of Michigan
2000-01 Mary Beall Southfield Public Library
2001-02 Susan Pritts Access/AIC Services
2002-03 Linda Skolarus Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village
2003-04 Kathy Irwin University of Michigan-Dearborn
2004-05 Joel Scheuher General Motors Corp.
2005-06 Charlene Stachnik University of Michigan
2007 Laura Mancini Oakland County Library
2008 Paula Storm Eastern Michigan University
2009 Sophia Guevara W.K. Kellogg Foundation
2010 Nathan Rupp University of Michigan
2011 Karly Szczepkowski Wayne State University
2012 Breezy Silver Michigan State University
2013 Joe Anteau Consumers Energy
2014 Jennifer Lammers Zimmer University of Michigan
2015 Randy Dykuis Midwest Collaborative for Library Services
2016 Merle Rosenzweig University of Michigan
2017 Jane Potee Gale Group
2018 Danguole Kviklys University of Michigan
2019 Shelia Bryant Michigan State University