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Hurricane Ida and Business Continuity Planning

  • 1.  Hurricane Ida and Business Continuity Planning

    Posted 09-14-2021 14:38
    Hi all,

    I hope you have had a chance to see the latest thoughts from PREP Council member Doug Varner on the need for business continuity planning when preparing to deal with extreme weather and flooding. I've attached the update below.

    Be safe,

    I watched media coverage of Hurricane Ida as the storm progressed with sadness and deep concern. I am certain all of us felt those same emotions as the flood waters rose, the damaging winds raged and tornadoes spun in the path of the hurricane, which cut a wide swath of destruction from the Gulf states up through the northeastern region of the United States. Basic infrastructure, such as water, power and transportation, have been affected in hundreds of communities in the hurricane's path. 
    I wonder how vital libraries services in these communities have been affected. Public, academic, and specialized libraries all support the information and technology needs of the diverse communities that were affected by the hurricane. I am hopeful that many of these libraries have business continuity plans in place that were operationalized rapidly as the storm approached. 

    The SLA Workplace Preparedness & Response Advisory Council (known as "PREP") is identifying and developing expertise and resources for responding to disasters in addition to creating and implementing library business continuity plans. One of the main concerns following many disasters is the mitigation of water damage.  Please consult the PREP Resources page for links to information on drying wet books and records. You'll also find two presentations from the SLA 2018 Annual Conference that addressed water damage to library materials:

    Don't hesitate to contact any member of PREP if you have questions or information about developing and/or implementing a business continuity plan. 
    In addition, we realize that many of our colleagues who were in the path of Hurricane Ida may still be experiencing power and connectivity issues.  As you are able, please share your experiences on the impact of the hurricane on your library in the Connect forum.

    Douglas Varner
    Georgetown University Medical Center
    Member – SLA PREP

    Eric Tans
    Science Collections Coordinator and Environmental Sciences Librarian
    Michigan State University Libraries