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Upcoming Panel Session at MLA/SLA '23

  • 1.  Upcoming Panel Session at MLA/SLA '23

    Posted 03-07-2023 15:31

    Posting on behalf of Sheila Bryant:

    How do you engage reluctant or hard to reach users?   What is your Story?

    Sheila Bryant and Adwoa Boateng are moderating this panel session at the upcoming MLA/SLA conference.   We would love to hear about your experiences.

    ·       If you are planning to attend the conference in person and would like to speak about your experiences,  please email us today with a Yes or No or Maybe response , so we can get a speaker head count. 

    ·      Email both moderators at : aabwml@rit.edu; bryants@msu.edu

    Here is the abstract for the session:  "How do you engage reluctant or hard to reach users?"

    Many librarians struggle to reach their clients, who may only touch base at a moment of need. How can librarians find ways to interact with their users and build a more engaged relationship?  In this session, learn about outreach opportunities, engaging liaison faculty with non-traditional techniques, collaborating with researchers directly in research labs and clinical settings, and building deeper engagement within the library itself.   Speakers will share stories of their actual engagement successes followed by a full question and answer period.

    For further information email both : aabwml@rit.edu; bryants@msu.edu.

    Session Moderators:

    • Sheila J. Bryant

    Science Librarian

    MSU Libraries

    366 W. Circle Drive, WG-1G

    East Lansing, MI. 48824



    •   Adwoa Boateng  

    Science, Health Sciences Librarian

    RIT Libraries

    Rochester, NY 14623



    See you at MLA/SLA 2023!

    Alexandra Hauser
    Business Librarian
    Michigan State University Libraries
    (517) 884-6679