Newsletter Archive

The Michigan Chapter Newsletter ceased publication in 2014 in favor of other communication channels. The archive of issues from 2003-2014 is available in the Michigan Chapter Connect Library.

Michigan Chapter Newsletter prior to 2014

As part of an initiative to facilitate communications with its members, the Michigan Chapter will begin to publish its bulletin electronically, with e-mail as the primary method of distribution. Newsletters will be posted on this page and an e-mail notification will be sent to active Michigan Chapter members. This corresponds with how the Association has chosen to communicate with its members. The following is an excerpt from the SLA.COMmunicate, December 10, 2002, explaining this change.

“As a member of Special Libraries Association, it is important that you know how the Association manages communications. As you have seen, there has been a dramatic shift in communications from association headquarters, your chapter and your division to electronic media. This is based on a number of factors, the most important of which is seventy percent (70%) of the respondents to the 2001 Membership Survey indicated that e-mail is the preferred choice to receive communications from the Association and the second choice of twenty-seven percent (27%). That is a clear mandate. Other factors include expeditious delivery to an international membership as well as a reduction in postage and other printing costs thereby allowing your dues dollar to stretch farther.”

In order to receive proper notification that a newsletter has been published, you will need to make sure you have a current e-mail on record with the Association. To update your membership information, go to the Update Your Information section of the SLA website and log in. You will need to know your SLA PIN number, which is located on your membership card. If you have forgotten your PIN, you can request that it be e-mailed to you from any page on the SLA website. If you are an information provider interested in placing an ad in our newsletter, please refer to our Sponsorship Schedule (PDF)for the 2010-2011 program year.

Proposed calendar for SLA Michigan Newsletter

Spring newsletter- March

February 15 – call for articles March 15 – deadline for articles March 29 – newsletter goes out

Fall newsletter – September

August 1 – call for articles September 1 – deadline for articles September 15 – newsletter goes out

Summer newsletter – July

June 1 – call for articles July 1 – deadline for articles July 15 – newsletter goes out

Winter newsletter – December

November 1 – call for articles December 1 – deadline for articles December 15 – newsletter goes out