MLC Election 2024

2024 MLC Elections 

Elections for the 2024 MLC Board are now closed. Congratulations to our newly elected officials.

MLC President 2024 - Dr. Stephanie Rollins

MLC Secretary - Megan Casey

MLC Treasurer - Greg Cina

Thank you for volunteering your time and we look forward to a new year with you all on board.

1. MLC President 

The MLC President-Elect on-boards in 2023 by assisting and observing the MLC Chair throughout the year.

In 2024, this officer becomes the MLC President.

In 2025, this officer becomes the MLC Past President. At that point, they offer advice and send out calls for nominees for elections.

2. Secretary 

This officer shall keep an approved record of all meeting of the Community and board and sign legal documents jointly with the President.

3. Treasurer

This officer coordinates funding requests with SLA HQ and tracks MLC expenses. Please note that this officer will not be responsible for managing monies.