MLC Election 2023

MLC Election 2023: Call for Nominees

MLC elected positions:

1. MLC Chair Elect 2023

The MLC Chair Elect on-boards in 2023 by assisting and observing the MLC Chair throughout the year.

In 2024, this officer becomes the MLC Chair.

In 2025, this officer becomes the MLC Past Chair. At that point, they offer advice and send out calls for nominees for elections.

2. Director – Conference Planner 2023

This officer plans MLC sessions and activities at the MLA-SLA Annual Meeting in May 2023.

MLA : MLA|SLA 23 Home

3. Treasurer

This officer coordinates funding requests with SLA HQ and tracks MLC expenses. Please note that this officer will not be responsible for managing monies.

Suspense for Nominations for Office 

The deadline for submission was 11:59 pm 24 December 2022. Please contact the current MLC Chair, Greg Cina, at for information. Please provide your name and the office in which you are interested.

If there are questions or concerns, please contact Greg Cina.