Military Libraries Community (MLC) at SLA 2022

On-Demand Events
Climate Resiliency and Libraries
A joint session between the Military Libraries (MLC) and the Food Agriculture and Environmental Resources (FAER) Communities.
Description: "
Climate change's impact is being felt in the form of droughts, rising sea levels, extreme wildfires, more intense storms and hurricanes, and higher storm surges. As these threats continue to occur with increasing frequency, libraries must prepare before the next disaster strikes, building resilience to ensure the safety of staff, the continuity of operations, and the integrity of facilities, collections, and communities. In this session, attendees will learn from experts in climate resiliency as it applies to libraries."
Edward Corrado - Associate University Librarian, Naval Postgraduate School's Dudley Knox Library
Jared Hoernig - Director, Office of Emergency Management, Old Dominion University
Kelvin Watson - Executive Director, Las Vegas-Clark County Library District

In-Person Events

MLC Board Meeting
Saturday July 30, 2022
9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
This will be the first to two MLC Board Meetings in 2022, the second to be toward the end of the year. All are welcome.

MLC Networking Breakfast 
Sunday July 31, 2022
7:00 AM – 8:45 AM
We’re back! Please join MLC for our annual networking breakfast. We look forward to breaking bread and saying hello to LIS colleagues and friends new and old. MLC will be hosting a breakfast meeting Sunday and Monday of the conference.

MLC Networking Breakfast
Monday, August 1, 2022
7:00 AM – 8:45 AM

MLC Business Luncheon Meeting
Tuesday August 2, 2022
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Please join MLC as we discuss current efforts (such as the MLC Quarterly Webinars) and future plans (such as MLTW 2023). We look forward to your input and to meeting in person again.

MLC "We Finally Get to See Each Other In Person Again" After Party
Tuesday August 2, 2022
3:30 PM – 7:00 PM
Please join MLC for our After party. This year, we can finally meet in person. That is reason enough to celebrate. We hope you join us. It has been a long time, and we earnestly look forward to having a good time together. We will have prizes and a puzzle.