MLTW 2019

Military Libraries Training Workshop 2019

Thank you to venders, speakers, and volunteers of MLTW 2019. A special thank you to Heather O'Daniel for serving as MLTW 2019 Director. Great gratitude and thanks to Faith Kanno, Greg Cina, and the rest of the Library of the Marine Corps. They did a wonderful job as Host Library planning sessions for MLTW 2019. 

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MLTW 2019 Program at a Glance

MLTW 2019 Program Brochure

Monday, Dec. 9th 

1p-5p AF & Sci/Tech Executive Board Room, Annette Sheppard

5p-6p First Timers Reception, - Sponsored by getAbstract

6p-7:30p Welcome Reception, Lincoln Hall

8p-9:30p DMIL Board Meeting, Wilson Room - Sponsored by ProQuest

Tuesday, Dec. 10th – Theme: Active

Desired Outcome: Workshop presentations enabled attendees to understand and apply within their own agencies effective practices and initiatives in (1) the military and federal library community, (2) relevant areas of the Federal library technology and research domain, and (3) the vendor sector.

Method: Provided selective programming that demonstrates the effectiveness, feasibility, and relevance of current and proposed military librarianship practices.

9a-9:30a Keynote Maj Gen William Mullen, Commanding General, U.S. Marine Corps, Training and Education Command, remarks on (1) the significance of libraries to the military, (2) the state/future of military training and education, and (3) how military libraries can support their communities.

Maj Gen Mullen has been kind enough to share a list of books he has read to date, as well a presentation on PME [Professional Military Education] that he conducted.


"Major General Mullen's PME on PME" October 17, 2019, streaming video, 1:41:49. "Professional Military Education (PME): Major General William F. Mullen III gave a PME on the importance of PME to a room full of Marines on Quantico Marine Corps Base wherein he explains why Marines need to be as well educated as possible to be the best warfighters possible."

9:30a-10a Icebreaker Christi Bayha, Library of the Marine Corps 10a-10:30a Break, Info-Expo Area, sponsored by Comex Systems

10:30a-11:15a Army Libraries in War and Peace, Pat Alderman ALDERMAN_Army_Librarians.pdf

2p-3p Trust, Facts and Democracy by Mr. Lee Rainie, Pew Institute. “He discusses Pew’s efforts to explore public perceptions and reactions regarding information veracity. The program includes findings related to declining institutional trust, increasing challenges tied to misinformation, and the ways trust are linked to public attitudes about democracy.” RAINIE_Trust_Facts_Democracy.pdf

3:30p-4p FEDLINK Laurie Neider, Library of Congress “Personnel provide overviews of key functionality and new initiatives; spotlight services and vendors available to eligible federal libraries as well as direction on procedures and policies to make optimal use of FEDLINK personnel and services.” NEIDER___GALLOWAY_FEDLINK.pdf

4p-4:45p FedRAMP Dylan Sundy “Government-wide program provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. Impacts DOD libraries as they identify, acquire, and use cloud-based IT systems, products, and services. Representatives offer a status update and field questions on impacts and integration into library operations.” CONRAD_FedRAMP.pdf

5p-5:30p Lightning Round: Military Library staff brief via 3-minute overviews on major projects and initiatives in their respective organizations.

Army Geospatial Center Ray Caputo and Matt Jones - CAPTUO_Lightning_Round.pdf

DoD Library Program Office Concept
Michael J. McNulty, Librarian of the Army - MCNULTY_Lightning_Round.pdf

6:30p-end No Host Dine Arounds

8:30p-10p Puzzle / Game Night with Dessert (Wilson Room), sponsored by Bureau van Dijk  

Wednesday, Dec. 11th – Theme: Engaged

Desired Outcome: Attendees learned from and are apply effective practices currently used in peer institutions within the military library community to effectively engage users with existing resources, technology, and techniques.

Method: Provided programming that fosters a deeper understanding of the state of military librarianship with its focus on connecting relationships to build applicable targeted products and services for our user communities.

8:45a-9:15a Demonstrating Value of Federal Libraries Ms. Julie Arrighetti, Chief Librarian, U.S. Department of State “Ms. Arrighetti discusses an ongoing Federal Library Leadership Working Group project that offers guidance on effectively demonstrating the value of libraries to senior leadership with pertinent metrics and communicating analysis results.” ARRIGHETTI_Demonstrating_Value.pdf

9:15a-10a Using GIS to Enhance Historical Maps Dr. Paulette Hasier, Library of Congress “LC’s Geography & Map Division increased efforts to include more data visualization, geospatial tools, and content to support customers. The efforts centered on historic data and maps, creating visualizations to present more meaningful and engaging information. Dr. Hasier worked with a USAF military historian using GIS to discover hidden meaning and enhance situational awareness of historic maps. She showcases how librarians can work with users to deploy new technologies and enhance services.” HASIER_KOONTZ.pdf

10:30a-12p Adapting Evolving Technologies in Federal Sci/Tech Libraries Philip Ip, HECSA; Catrina Whited, NGIC; Barbie Keiser, consultant “Panel of representatives from multiple departments on training or upskilling requirements in each specialty area.”



Program A: General / Conceptual 

1:30p-2:30p Metric Aggregation and Organizational Value Dr. Mohan Ramaswamy, National Defense University “NDU metrics aggregation to assess value.” MARSHALL_NDU_Metrics.pdf

2:30p-3p U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center Digitization Project, Geoffrey Mangelsdorf, Army Heritage and Education Center MANGELSDORF_AWC.pdf

3:30p-4:30p DOD Access to and Use of Publicly Accessible Information Ron Joe, U.S. Army Special Operations Command and Molly Goldston, US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center “Librarians are Subject Matter Experts on access and use of PAI. PAI access and use in DoD Dir. 3115.18 is a chance to ‘[raise] our engagement with patrons, leadership, and professional community.’ He discusses PAI and Librarians’ role and contributions.” JOE_PAI.pdf

4:30p-5:30p DNA Identification Lab Project Overview Jennifer Vallee and Dr. Tim McMahon, DoD DNA Operations “Speakers give a program overview and impact, address information mechanics, and challenges unique to this setting.” MCMAHON_DNA_Lab.pdf

Program B: Training

1:30p-2:30p DTIC Update Roberta Schoen “Session focuses on topics and information useful in daily library work. DTIC answers questions, addresses scenarios, and demonstrates search strategies. Topics include: DTIC holdings and sources; Corporate Codes to find items from institutions; DTIC online communities; Review of the Student Portal, webinars, blogs; military libraries marketing DTIC holdings and tools to patrons as part of PME; future vision and goals.” SCHOEN_DTIC.pdf

2:30p-3p STINFO Update, LaDona Kirkland, DTIC Trainer “Condensed power session on policy, Distribution Statements, and public search.”

3:30p-4:30p Podcasts: Technical Development Jason Palma, USMC LTC (ret.), Marine Corps University’s ‘Eagles, Globes, and Anchors’ podcast cohost, and Stephani (Nia) Rodgers, Public Affairs Librarian of Virginia Commonwealth University and VCU’s ‘Civil Discourse’ podcasts cohost, and Buck Habericher, USAF COL (ret.), US Army War College’s “War Room” podcast as they share their insights into the TECHNICAL aspects of podcast creation – getting started, recording, editing, hosting, best practices, lessons learned, and more. Get your creative juices flowing as they explore the realm of the nuts and bolts that bring a podcast to your device.



4:30p-5:30p Podcasts: Content Development “Continue the 'podcast' conversation with our panelists – podcasters Stephani (Nia) Rodgers, Virginia Commonwealth University; Dr. John Aughenbaugh, Virginia Commonwealth University; Dr. Jacqueline Whitt, US Army War College; Buck Habericher, USAF COL (ret.) – as they talk about content development, your audience, and building connections and partnerships. Learn to create a podcast with valuable, respected content for your communities. A Q & A will follow.”


6:30p-7:45p Pre-Dinner Networking, sponsored by Elsevier. Monument View Room Dinner Venue, sponsored by EBSCO

MLTW Dinner
DoubleTree Hotel (MLTW hotel)
Reception: 6:30 pm - 7:00 pm
MLTW Dinner Speaker: approximately 7:15 pm

MLTW Dinner Speaker: Dr. Breanne Robertson, Ph.D., Marine Corps History Division

Topic: “Unraveling the Flag Raising: Iwo Jima and the Struggle for Historical Truth”

The World War II photograph of the American flag being raised atop Mt. Suribachi on Iwo Jima was almost instantaneously iconic. In the years since, its place in American history and popular culture became cemented. However, it turned out that the stories and identities of some of the flag raisers were less concrete. In 2016, after extensive research by impartial panels, the Marine Corps revised its official line-up of the Iwo Jima flag raisers.

Dr. Robertson worked on the panels reviewing this image. She discussed her work on these panels, which had to contend with the complex ways that history is captured and gets reconstructed, and also how remembrance and meaning forms—and reforms—over time. Dr. Robertson’s presentation aimed to shed light on the particular challenges facing scholars before, during, and after the official Marine Corps decision to revise its official line-up of Iwo Jima flag raisers.

Thursday, Dec. 12th – Theme: Evolving

Desired Outcome: Attendees gained an understanding of current information and data analysis research and development techniques that are designed to enable the military library community to more effectively accomplish near-term opportunities and challenges, and continued to improve their effectiveness both individually and at institutional levels.

Method: Provided programming that illustrates innovations and incremental changes to individual roles as well as within the world of information science.

7:30a-3:15p Poster Displays, sponsored by Royal Society of Chemistry

8:45a-10a Truth Decay Dr. Jennifer Kavanagh, RAND Corporation “Describes RAND’s work defining the diminishing role of facts, data, and analysis in American public life. Discusses the trends characterizing it, drivers and agents causing it, and the consequences for political and civil discourse and the health of American democracy. Also describes empirical and survey data collected and analyzed that provide insight into the evolution of the media environment and drivers of public trust in institutions. Concludes with a discussion of possible solutions.” [Note: This session was canceled due to illness. The pdf is still available for download.] KAVANAGH_Truth_Decay.pdf

8:45a-10a  Wicked Problems in Public Administration: How I Changed Directions and You Can Too by Dr. J.Gail Nicula [Note: This session replaced Truth Decay, which was canceled due to illness. The pdf is available for download.] Wicked_Problems_MLTW_2019.pdf

10:30a-12p DOD Leadership Panel moderated by Dr. J.Gail Nicula “DOD Library Directors communicate best-known methods for challenges they have faced.” LEADERSHIP_PANEL.pdf

Toys for Tots pick-up

12p-1:30p Lunch Break and DMIL Business Meeting, sponsored by IEEE Xplore Digital Library Awards, Recognition, Speakers: Amy Burke, SLA CEO, Tara Murray, SLA President Elect

1:30p-1:45p DOD ILS Project Cindy Shipley, U.S. Marine Corps Library Program Director “A multiple perspective presentation on the section responsible for researching, developing, and standing up a joint DOD ILS. As an ILS is the backbone of a library, this project will have major impacts on DOD library operations moving forward.”

1:50p-2:45p CIA Factbook Mike Cox, Chief, CIA World Factbook Team, and Andra Shapiro, CIA Factbook demographer-editor “Discuss aspects of the well-known, respected resource, the CIA World Factbook, including new features and practical applications of what it is available to your patrons.” 

3:15p-4p Where Good Ideas Come From Maj Timothy Riemann, U.S. Marine Corps, Brute Krulak Center for Innovation and Creation “Provides an overview of the Center’s mission to connect students and subject matter experts to create an environment fostering cross-pollination and collaboration of ideas on imaginative solutions to challenges faced by the warfighter. He also discusses his elective that facilitated learning using a range of resources, methods, and locations that are not traditional in PME settings.” COOPER_Krulak_Center.pdf

4p-4:30p 2019 MLTW Wrap - Up and Preview of 2021 MLTW

4:30p-6p MLTW Committee Lessons Learned (Room - TBA), sponsored by SAE International

Friday, Dec. 13th – A tour of the Library of the Marine Corps.

Visitors received a site tour of the Library of the Marine Corps, learning about its mission, organizational structure, holdings, and history.

There was also an orientation briefing of the Archives and References Branches of the Marine Corps History Division (sister organizations to the Library). Personnel from these branches discussed their roles and responsibilities in acquiring, preserving, describing, and utilizing primary source material to support the research of Marine Corps history. Visitors also got to see a specially assembled display of rare and one-of-a-kind Marine Corps historical items from the Archives’ holdings.