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GS-14 USPSC Knowledge Management Specialist.CLOSING DATE AND TIME: 5/25/2020, 2 PM EST

  • 1.  GS-14 USPSC Knowledge Management Specialist.CLOSING DATE AND TIME: 5/25/2020, 2 PM EST

    Posted 04-28-2020 09:52
    GS-14 USPSC Knowledge Management Specialist.

    CLOSING DATE AND TIME: 5/25/2020, 2 PM EST

    The DRG [Democracy, Human Rights and Governance] Center produces and uses a vast amount of information and knowledge. The Knowledge Management (KM) Specialist will ensure that the DRG Center's systems and processes, as well as staff's utilization of them, enable the creation, organization, storage, accessibility, and dissemination of the needed and relevant DRG information to improve planning, decision making, and programmatic results. This will include working with other members of the Center to conceptualize, develop, analyze, and provide information to the main DRG audiences, including the USAID DRG cadre, implementing partners and other organizations working in the sector, and the public at large. The KM Specialist will coordinate with DRG staff and leadership, the DRG Center's Communication and Outreach Specialist, and other USAID and outside experts.

    The incumbent is expected to carry out work assignments using independent professional judgment to ensure the effective technical leadership and technical support for USAID's DRG sector in Washington and overseas Missions. The KM Specialist may be asked to travel to USAID Missions in other parts of the world, and while on temporary duty (TDY) and in Washington, s/he will work closely with USAID and other U.S. Government colleagues, implementing partners, academics, and recognized experts in the DRG sector to advance DRG learning initiatives. The incumbent's responsibilities will be geographically world-wide, varied, and dynamic to reflect changing circumstances facing USAID and the DRG Center.

    Travis Ferrell, MA, MLIS
    Military Libraries Division Past Chair