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Local Bookstores Have A New Weapon In The Fight

  • 1.  Local Bookstores Have A New Weapon In The Fight

    Posted 02-17-2020 14:33
    Colleagues,  BOOKSHOP is the David to Amazon's Goliath.  A good new source and a big assist to local bookstores.  Be su"re to checkout the "related topics.


    Source: beSpacific for 02/17/2020

    Local Bookstores Have A New Weapon In The Fight With Amazon

    Fortune: "In the book industry, Amazon is Goliath, the giant who overshadows everyone else. But there's a new David on the scene, It doesn't expect to topple the giant, but it has launched a weapon that could make Amazon's shadow a little smaller, and help local bookstores fight back., a website that went live at the end of January and is still in beta mode, is designed to be an alternative to Amazon, and to generate income for independent bookstores. And, perhaps more importantly, it seeks to give book reviewers, bloggers and publications who rely on affiliate income from "Buy now" links to Amazon a different option. Profit from books sold through Bookshop will be split three ways, with 10% of the sale price going into a pool that will be divided among participating bookstores, 10% going to the publication that triggered the sale by linking to, and 10% going to to support its operations. Bookshop's 10% commission for affiliate publications is roughly twice Amazon's 4.5% affiliate commission…"


    Sharon Lenius
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