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Change - Ever Present, Always Difficult

  • 1.  Change - Ever Present, Always Difficult

    Posted 01-27-2020 16:52
    Colleagues,   The recent Leadership Symposium (LS) was very enlightening.  Karyn Nishimura Sneath provided a day of self discovery and collaborative learning.  Good stuff!  And just so you'll know, I need more balance in my life...very high on Decision & Influencer .My 7711 numbers added up to inspirational.  So now you know!

    Then with all the change that SLA and DMIL will be going thru, there was information provided at the Open Board Meeting on Friday and then again on the Monday of LS that brought many questions.   Some, but not all the questions were answered on Monday with almost a whole day for the Restructure.  Lunch on Monday was devoted to Table Topics.   I sat at the Fundraising table and many of my table-mates had the the same questions, though they did not have anything like the Military Libraries Training Workshop to fund.

    Change is coming, a new name for SLA that better describes what we do. Please do not let this time of trial and turmoil drive you away from this group of dedicated info pros.  Stick around and make the road ahead one that will bring value and collaboration to the library profession and bring more people who will make the new named organization strong for the 21st Century.  And who knows perhaps we will be doing something similar in 2230!  110 years is a long time!

    Please see the attached for a Philosophy that make get us through this time of change. I stumbled on it while looking up the word "futurize" that Jane Dysart uses in her Internet Librarian 2020 theme.  Also see VUCA, a term used here that originated at the Army War College.


    Sharon Lenius
    [Federal Librarian - Retired]
    'Tolle Lege!' ('Take up and read')