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Unusual Training Opportunity

  • 1.  Unusual Training Opportunity

    Posted 09-04-2019 21:36
    Colleagues, Clicking below will bring you to a great listing of training opportunities "AWS Pop-Loft" for Federal/DoD folks.
    AWS=Amazon Web Services.  There seem to be some comprehensive sessions.  Short notice.  Especially applicable for those in the DC area.


    AWS Federal Pop-Up Loft in DC Opens Tomorrow

    The AWS Federal Pop-Up Loft is a temporary events and community space. Join AWS public sector customers and partners for access to AWS technical training, 1:1 support with AWS experts, and enjoy co-working facilities with free coffee and Wi-Fi.


    Check out the list of free workshops! | September 4 - 18, 2019 | Arlington, VA

    Sharon Lenius
    [Federal Librarian - Retired]
    'Tolle Lege!' ('Take up and read')