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Papers of 23 Presidents - Long Term Digitization Completed @ LoC

  • 1.  Papers of 23 Presidents - Long Term Digitization Completed @ LoC

    Posted 03-21-2021 18:13
    Colleagues,  The LCM - Library of Congress Magazine (electronic) is a valuable resource featuring various collections and new materials or long-term projects completed as the recent bi-monthly Mar-Apr 2021 demonstrates.   Archives to 2012.
    I especially appreciate the newly adopted sub-title for the publication showing main topic of an issue..  Those interested in Military History will find the Jul-Aug 2020 issue great reading.  Special map!


    Library of Congress Magazine

    Mar.-Apr. issue cover

    Vol. 10 No. 2: Mar.-Apr. 2021

    Presidential Papers
    The Library of Congress recently completed a decades-long project to digitize its collection of the papers of 23 presidents and place them online. Also, romance and tragedy in Theodore Roosevelt's diaries, a rare set of an African American romance comics and the first graphic novel.

    (Download PDF 3.79MB)

    Vol. 9 No. 3: July-Aug. 2020

    The Library commemorates the 75th anniversary of World War II and the service of the men and women who fought it. Also, a one-of-a-kind Japanese map details the damage inflicted at Pearl Harbor, and Manuscript Division collections preserve photos taken in the field by Gen. George S. Patton.

    Sharon Lenius
    [Federal Librarian - Retired]
    'Tolle Lege!' ('Take up and read')