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FREE SLA 2020  Awards Ceremony Registration/Info

  • 1.  FREE SLA 2020  Awards Ceremony Registration/Info

    Posted 28 days ago
    Colleagues,   The Military Libraries Community (MLC) is proud to promote the SLA 2020 Virtual Awards Ceremony.  Support your MLC "winners."   Show your face on the Zoom Platform!    Register now!

    PS  The link listed below will also take you to the full SLA 2020 Virtual Education Session & other Conference Events.  .

    FREE SLA 2020  Awards  Ceremony  Information   &  Registration  

    Tuesday, Oct 6, 2020, 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm Eastern Daylight Time

    1. Register to attend the Awards Ceremony…it is free. Two (2) Military Libraries Community members will be receiving awards:   

         Kelly Durkin Ruth , USNA Engineer Librarian -  Raising Star Award; 

         Sharon Lenius,  Retired Federal Librarian – John Cotton Dana Award  

    1. If you are not able to attend/register for the whole SLA 2020 Virtual Conference, see the information below. Join and cheer on the awardees.  This is on the Zoom platform.  Love to see your faces!

    Friends and family can register for the SLA 2020 Awards Ceremony through the website. It's free, and they should receive a confirmation e-mail with the link to the ceremony.  Use this URL:

    Click on "Register and Create Record" and agree to the data protection and privacy policy. Then click on the "Awards Only" option.   Be sure to "tune in" at the appropriate time!


    Sharon Lenius
    [Federal Librarian - Retired]
    'Tolle Lege!' ('Take up and read')