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Distance Mentoring for Military Librarians

  • 1.  Distance Mentoring for Military Librarians

    Posted 01-27-2021 15:52
    Are there any options for mentoring within Military Libraries? I understand some organizations to have mentoring set up. The Army training tracker where we put IDPs has a place for mentorships (though it doesn't seem set up). Many of us new librarians are in smaller libraries without the mentoring benefits that can naturally occur in larger library scenarios.

    Would anyone be interested sharing some of their experiences and recommendations?
    For me personally, thoughts on reference, instruction, outreach, and building libguides would be really appreciated.

    Rebecca Ramos
    Reference Librarian
    Aiso Library, DLIFLC
    telework (808)391-5411
    CA, USA

  • 2.  RE: Distance Mentoring for Military Librarians

    Posted 01-28-2021 20:25
    Hi @Rebecca Ramos,
    This isn't specific to your question as I am not a military librarian, but I hope to provide some leads. ​

    • SLA Connect has a mentoring page. I am not sure who manages it though, if anyone at the moment. @Mike Rosenberg, do you have any insight on this?
    • The SLA Mentoring Task Force may also provide some leads for people to reach out to.
    Samuel Russell​

  • 3.  RE: Distance Mentoring for Military Librarians

    Posted 01-29-2021 08:20
    Rebecca, the MLC (MLD / DMIL) doesn't have a formal mentoring program. I encourage you to reach out to the Military Librarians on milBook as well. Many of them are not SLA members.

    Gloria Miller
    US Army Futures Command