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SLA Leadership Symposium and Restructure Initiative

  • 1.  SLA Leadership Symposium and Restructure Initiative

    Posted 01-27-2020 16:59

    Greetings one and all,

    The SLA Leadership Symposium, January 18-20, was pretty good.  We went through a DISC assessment that was interesting.  I had to step out for part of the afternoon, and I missed a chunk of that.  It was hard for me to reconnect after that.

    The interesting stuff was the Open Board meeting and the Monday morning part of the weekend. There was a lot of tension that pervaded the weekend.  I personally don't know what the result will be.  We could lose members and we could gain new members.

    Most everything is spelled out in the FAQs that are linked from Tara's message on the SLA website.

    There were lots of questions about the money but basically our monies will be absorbed by SLA sooner rather than later.  

    There's a mantra that we are one SLA - made me think of the Borg from Star Trek - we will be assimilated.

    New Names Proposed:

    They're putting forward 4 new names for SLA.  When we vote it will be a ranking vote and one of the names will be selected.

    The Information Association
    Information Professionals Community (IPC)
    International Association of Librarians and Information Professionals
    Information Professionals International (IPI)

    Bylaw changes:

    At some point the membership will have to vote on changes to the bylaws in order to validate the changes that the board is making.  When asked what happens if the membership doesn't approve the changes to the bylaws, Hal said the organization would dissolve.

    Once this dust settles, we'll need to review the DMIL governance documents that outline our duties and responsibilities.

    Some members are upset that the changes are being implemented prior to a vote on the bylaw changes.  Despite Hal's remark, there's disagreement about what happens if the membership actually votes against the changes.

    Divisions and Chapters become Communities:

    The Board proposes that we eliminate the distinction between chapters and divisions – they will all be communities.  We're uncertain what happens to Caucuses and Sections.  And they propose eliminating fees to belong to additional communities.

    Sharon raised a point about our new classification as a community.  Do we want to be the Military Libraries Community or the Community of Military Libraries?

    Community leadership:

    The only leadership required in the new structure is President, President-elect, and Treasurer.  There is no requirement for a Treasurer after this year, once all the financial reports are done.  We can have as many leader positions as we want.

    I think we should keep the position and define it as the person to help prepare our spending plan and help submit everything to SLA for payment and reimbursement.

    Final thoughts:

    If you haven't read restructure initiative – you can read it here -

    There's also an FAQ for the restructure -

    There have been follow-up comments on SLA Connect Open Forum.

    I have heard from other folks in DMIL Leadership and they have raised similar questions.  Will this restructure accomplish the goal of renewing SLA for the future?  I'm hopeful that it will once the dust settles.

    The DMIL Leadership is moving ahead with plans for programs at SLA 2020, SLA 2021, MLTW 2021 and other programs.

    David E. McBee
    DMIL Chair
    (202) 316-2099