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MLTW 2019 - Workshop a Success!

  • 1.  MLTW 2019 - Workshop a Success!

    Posted 12-15-2019 19:15

    Colleagues,   The 2019 Military Libraries Training Workshop was a great success due to the dedication of many volunteers.

    Shout outs:   Go to the Staff of the Library of the Marine Corps led by Faith Kanno and Greg Cina for outstanding programming for three days of non-stop information built around the themes:
    "Military Libraries:  Active, Engaged, Evolving."   And then the USMC Library at Quantico hosted 40 + MLTW attendees in their outstanding facilities for tours of the Grey Research Center  Library and the co-located Family Library.  And if that wasn't enough, we toured the very modern History Archives with must have Mold Remediation Room, Climate Controlled History Section,and more.   Lunch was served in the Community Room...we followed a Family Library program that included a visit from Santa Claus with music by members of the Marine Corps Band.  Thank you, Library of the Marine Corps staff.

    Others whose work for the past 18 months made MLTW 2019 great are:
    Heather O'Daniel - Lead Planner for MLTW 2019.  Heather provided the lynch pin as she successfully coordinated with other committees, assisted the programmers with guidance and worked with Registration, and Publications such as the MLTW 2019 Program.   Heather was very ably assisted by Tami Rosado in the publications arena as she took materials from the Notional Schedule, and  programs with speakers developed by the staff at Quantico to weave a Program-at-a-Glance.  Tami had a 12 hour time lag since she worked from the Asia Pacific Center on Oahu, Hawaii. Our morning was her evening of the day before.

    Greta Marlatt provided continuity and kept the Workshop moving along in her position as Master of Ceremonies, a position she has made her own, for many MLTW's.  She made useful insights concerning speakers and events.

    A very robust Info/Expo featured 40+ table top displays of products and processes of interest to library staffs.  This showcase was developed by Wendy Hill and Sharon Lenius with support at the Workshop by Ursula Scott  and Pat Alderman who also worked on publicity and Menu Selection among her other volunteer jobs for DMIL.

    As Registrar, Lily McGoven developed the registration system RegOnline and tracked all attendee, speaker and Exhibitor registrations. David McBee assisted on the "in Workshop Room" with the AV Support.

    Travis Ferrell, DMIL Chair added "the voice of experience" to the overall success of MLTW 2019.  He was assisted by DMIL Treasurer, David Dias.

    Special thanks to the staff at FEDLINK who worked to make certain registrations were validated for those using FEDLINK Training Funds...Thank you Anne Harrison and Lidia Rajeff

    MLTW 2019 was successful due to collaboration of all concerned.  Thank you all you all.

    Sharon Lenius
    [Federal Librarian - Retired]
    'Tolle Lege!' ('Take up and read')

  • 2.  RE: MLTW 2019 - Workshop a Success!

    Posted 12-15-2019 19:50
    And a special thanks to Sharon Lenius who handled local hotel and banquet arrangements, the field trip to Quantico, and has served as our corporate memory for multiple Workshops.

    We could not manage without her.

    Pat Alderman