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Military Libraries Division Announces 2019 Award Winners

  • 1.  Military Libraries Division Announces 2019 Award Winners

    Posted 11-17-2019 03:01
    ​Military Libraries Division (DMIL) Announces 2019 Awards

    Two classes of DMIL Awards were released by the Awards Committee chaired by Carol Jacobson in mid-November 2019: The DMIL Distinguished Service Award and Two Student Intern Awards

    It is with great pleasure that the Military Libraries Division of SLA announces two winners of the DMIL Distinguished Service Award. The 2019 awardees are:

    Travis A. Ferrell and Debra Knox

    Travis Ferrell is the current Chair of the Military Libraries Division and has served in several different creative and leadership capacities. He originated the Interviews of a number of DMIL members that can be found on the SLA Connect DMIL Open Community in "About Us." These interviews reveal the variety and depth of DMIL membership. Travis was the Lead Planner for the successful Military Libraries Training Workshop (MLTW), 2017. He maintains several DMIL social media sites with current information. In addition to his media role, Travis provides a monthly "Periodical Articles for Current Awareness" directed to the military and civilians of DoD, a byproduct of his position as a Senior Librarian at the Army War College Library, Carlisle, PA.

    Debra "Debi" Knox is unique within DMIL as she is a sales representative of WT Cox Information and Subscription Services of North Carolina. Debi has been a valuable "sounding board" in DMIL's ongoing relations with our vendor partners. She served on the DMIL Executive Board as the SLA Conference Planner for 2017; she has taken on that role again for SLA 2020. Her continued commitment to the Division has allowed DMIL to thrive.

    The Distinguished Service Awards will be presented at the DMIL Luncheon, Dec 12th as part of the Military Libraries Training Workshop (MLTW), 2019.

    Student Intern Awardees work with various DMIL members in support of the 2019 Military Libraries Training Workshop (MLTW), to be held Dec 9-13 at the DoubleTree Hotel, Arlington, VA.

    Current Awardees are:

         Meredith Dominguez is an online student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is pursuing an MS degree in Library and Information Sciences. She is currently in Jacksonville, Florida.

        Sierra Marklevits is enrolled in her first semester, on campus at Simmons University Graduate School of Library Information Science, Boston.

     Congratulations to all Award Winners.


    Sharon Lenius
    [Federal Librarian - Retired]
    'Tolle Lege!' ('Take up and read')