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  • On-Demand Events Climate Resiliency and Libraries A joint session between the Military Libraries (MLC) and the Food Agriculture and Environmental Resources (FAER) Communities. Description : " ...

  • Colleagues,   Here's a job that might interest those who want to provide info to "the public."  It's a GS 13!  Lots of folks are eligible. Read below.     Sharon DTIC Job Opportunity: Open to all Federal Employees & US Citizens: Librarian, GS-1410-13- ...

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    Used a map lately?

    Colleagues,  You probably used GIS (Global Information System) to get around town, the country or even the world.  So think about celebrating GIS Day.  See what former Military Librarian, Paulette Haiser at LoC's Chief of the Geography and Map Division ...

  • Colleagues,   Please take a hour from your Monday, Dec 5th to attend the special SLA Town Hall Meeting  The meeting has to do with the near future of SLA.          Sharon Monday, December 5 , 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET  SLA members are invited to ...

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  • I would like to give thanks and appreciation to all our veterans, as we should celebrate their sacrifice's every day. I feel at times specifically for our youth that they may not a times realize that their freedom derives from the millions of our veterans ...

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