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Call for Proposals: Military Libraries Virtual Training Summit 2023

  • 1.  Call for Proposals: Military Libraries Virtual Training Summit 2023

    Posted 12-01-2022 13:09

    Call for Proposals: Military Libraries Virtual Training Summit 2023

    Theme: Libraries at an Inflection Point: Transforming Services for Tomorrow's Military

    12 – 15 September 2023 via Microsoft Teams

    The Military Libraries Virtual Training Summit provides an outstanding professional training and development opportunity for DOD librarians, library technicians, archivists, and other knowledge workers and information professionals.  This message constitutes a formal call for panels and presenters consistent with the theme of the event.

    How have you responded to ongoing or new challenges that have affected services, workflows, budgeting, patron access to materials, staffing, and more? Do you have a unique experience or resolution to a challenge to share? What innovative solutions or projects have you been involved in that have transformed services and improved support for your agency? Have you considered how we meet the challenges of today while preparing for tomorrow?  Presentations are valuable sources for practical, highly useful information. You can add your expertise to help and inspire!

    Preferred topics include but are not limited to: demonstrating value & return on investment, culture changing techniques, panel discussions with a variety of library subject matter experts, maximizing user experience, the future of work, risk & innovation, collection management, leadership, developmental career path.  For a full list of preferred topics, refer to the proposal form.

    All topic proposals are welcome that meet the intent of the training summit. Although encouraged, it is not mandatory to present a topic from the "Preferred Topic" list. Preferred topics are the result of feedback from the Training Summit survey.

    Time slots for all sessions are 50 minutes, including time for questions from the audience. Submissions for presentations, panel discussions, lightning rounds, workshops, posters, and other formats are welcome.

    Proposal form: PDF attached to this message

    Proposals due: 12 January 2023

    Notification of accept or decline: February 2023

    If you have questions or wish to submit a proposal, please reply to the Army Library Program mailbox:

    The event is hosted by the Army Library Program in collaboration with the Military Libraries Community of the Special Libraries Association.

    Jordan Burghardt
    Director of Engagement
    Special Libraries Association
    (312) 265-2909