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Climate - It's all about resiliency and planning

  • 1.  Climate - It's all about resiliency and planning

    Posted 07-21-2022 16:11
    Colleagues,   Join the Military Libraries and Food Agriculture Environmental Resources for a very special On Demand * session on a topic that is important to all...Climate Resiliency and Libraries. 

    Is your library climate resilient?  What does a resilient library look like? Have you started preparing for an uncertain climate future, one in which weather is more severe, hurricanes and nor'easters last longer and are far wetter, tornadoes more frequent, wildfires more of a reality?  In this on-demand session, you will see our Climate Resiliency and Libraries panelists discuss what you need to do in advance of catastrophic, climate-related events so that your library or information center, its human resources, its collections, can continue to operate. Panelists are Kelvin Watson, Executive Director, Las Vegas-Clark County Library District, Jared Hoernig, Director of Emergency Management, Old Dominion University, and Edward Corrado, Associate University Librarian, Dudley Knox Library, Naval Postgraduate School.  We discuss the kinds of plans you should have in place, the partnership agreements, or MOUs, that will be beneficial, and the technology that can aid your resilience efforts.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Upon completion, participant will develop a much greater awareness of climate resiliency as it relates to libraries.
    • Upon completion, participant will be able to create or update climate resiliency plans for their libraries, with a focus on continuity of operations.

    Upon completion, participants will have created professional connections with other LIS professionals in breakout sessions with whom to share ideas and challenges relating to climate resiliency

    Moderator:  Dr. J Gail Nicula, AMLS, MUS, PhD, Old Dominion University

    * All On Demand Sessions will be available Saturday, July30, 2022 from 8 am EDT. Listen at your convenience.

    Sharon Lenius
    [Federal Librarian - Retired]
    'Tolle Lege!' ('Take up and read')