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  • 1.  Veterans Day

    Posted 11-11-2022 13:20
    I would like to give thanks and appreciation to all our veterans, as we should celebrate their sacrifice's every day. I feel at times specifically for our youth that they may not a times realize that their freedom derives from the millions of our veterans that have made the ultimate sacrifice for what we have today. This issue has always been close to my heart, as my grandfather Pfc. Tony D'Andrea was a recipient of the Silver Star and Purple Heart during World War II.  My understanding is that after the war he never fully recovered (mentally) after his service. He eventually succumbed to liver disease from a alcohol problem that started when he returned. My mother was only thirteen when he passed and was the one who discovered him on the floor when she returned from school that day. That part of my family's life, continues to cause me great pain even until this day.  On a positive note it has inspired me to complete my MLIS, and be able to be involved in some way with military life and history.  Thank you ��