MLVTS 2023

2023 Military Libraries Virtual Training Summit

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Schedule and program 2023 Military Libraries Virtual Training Summit, presented by the Army Library Program and the Military Libraries Community of the Special Libraries Association.

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The dates of the Summit were 11 September 2023 (pre-summit IT workshops and IT trouble-shooting); 12-15 September 2023 (seminars, panels, workshops, etc.)

The event was delivered online via Microsoft Teams.

The Summit was free and open to all library (and other) personnel at all levels. The program agenda reflects the inclusive, global nature of the DOD, with content offered at varying times (day and evening in U.S.) to accommodate all time zones and regions.  

So what’s included?  

Relevant and intellectually stimulating information and discussion in featured events with:

New York Times bestselling author Jim DeFelice discussed working with participants and capturing their first-hand accounts with subjects such as “American Sniper” Chris Kyle.  

Author and Journalist Tanya Biank addressed the impact of military libraries on families.  

American Military Historian Dr. John C. McManus covered topics such as the use of primary historical resources and reducing bias in presentation.

New York Times Bestselling Author Jerome Preisler articulated why libraries matter, both in a general sense and how libraries support his work as an author of bestselling fiction and non-fiction.  

U.S. Army COL (Ret.) Mark Scureman, author of The Boss’s Challenge, educated you on how to learn and grow into a leadership role whether you have been thrust into it or acquired a position you desired.

Representatives of the Office of Intellectual Freedom of the American Library Association discussed the current landscape of library challenges, the necessity of good policies and procedures, and ways to navigate challenging interactions and seek support.

And presentations that include topics as varied as the Future of Libraries; Community Engagement; Value & Return on Investment; and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; User Experience and Technology Trends.

Session Flyers

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