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US Air Force Research Laboratory-Rome Research Site


artist, poet, essayist, community activist, Progressive, Liberal.
Specialties: web design, presentations on wireless LANs in libraries, internet trainer, information architecture, collection management, social networking in libraries, WordPress

Member of SLA
Transgender Day of Remembrance and Visibility

I will not be erased.
I have the spirit and fire of the Goddess within me.
I am a trans woman and I am one of many sisters and brothers and others.
We will NOT be erased.
We will NOT be invisible.
We will be seen and we will be heard.
We are everywhere.
We are your brothers, your sisters, your friends, and your lovers.
We are your mothers and your fathers.
We are your teachers, preachers, doctors, and nurses.
We are in every part of society.
We belong and it is time to show ourselves.
We are here to stay
and will not go away.

--- Branwen Drew, Nov. 20 2019.
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