SLA Membership Reimbursement Grant

Purpose: To encourage membership in SLA and engagement with the Minnesota Chapter, the Chapter will cover the membership fee as stated below for anyone elected or appointed to the Minnesota Chapter Executive or Advisory Boards.

Award: up to $220

Eligibility requirements

  • For those who do not have membership reimbursement through an employer.
  • For those who are new to or currently on the board.
  • The commitment is for at least 1 year on the board (some positions require a 2 or 3-year commitment).


  • A person can receive the reimbursement only once.
  • The Chapter will reimburse for the cost of membership only (up to $220 – 2022 full membership rate), which includes access to unlimited Communities (aka Chapters and Divisions).

To apply

  • Fill out the application form: Membership Reimbursement Grant Application Form 
  • Submit the application to the Chapter President for approval. 
  • After an application is approved, the President will notify SLA HQ. Then SLA HQ will contact the recipient to cover that cost directly.


By submitting and signing the completed membership reimbursement grant form, the Minnesota Chapter of the Special Libraries association will reimburse the applicant (if accepted on to the board) the cost of their membership as stated in the restrictions section. In exchange for reimbursement, the selected applicant agrees to serve on the Board for a minimum of one year.