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St. Louis, Missouri native Christine M. Caldwell relocated to California in 1995 to study photography at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. In the years since obtaining her degree, Christine’s mastery of color and black & white darkroom techniques have made her a highly sought after darkroom professional, working with a wide range of print publications and advertising agencies. Photographers seeking to advance their skills come to her for private instruction and workshops in darkroom printing.

As an artist, Christine prefers non-traditional photographic techniques that employ her lab expertise. Christine expanded the potential of the photogram—the process of creating an image using light and photo sensitive paper, minus the camera and film—by pioneering the use of the color enlarger and color paper to manipulate the look of the final product. Defined by skeletal proportions and emblazoned with neon color, the resulting series of images are dramatic representations of objects found in nature, which Christine has dubbed “Illuminated Negatives.”