The Chapter President-Elect’s duties are as follows:

1. Orientation and Communications

It is very important for the Chapter President-Elect to read the Chapter’s Governing Document and Practices Manual to become familiar with the duties of all Chapter officers.
Among other responsibilities, the Chapter President-Elect will substitute for the President in his/her absence. In the event of disability or withdrawal of the President, the title and all duties and obligations shall be assumed by the President-Elect.
The Chapter President-Elect should take every opportunity to become acquainted with other members of the Chapter Cabinet, especially the Presidents-Elect of other Chapters. Chapter Presidents-Elect who are diligent in becoming acquainted with other Cabinet members will find that they are soon well established in the informal communications network that exists among Chapter officers.

2. General Duties: The following duties are essential for the efficient operation of the Chapter and for the smooth transition of office:
1) Serves as a member of the Executive Board.
2) Substitutes for the Chapter President. The President-Elect may act in the President’s absence and perform other duties as specified in the Chapter’s Governing Document and/or Practices Manual.
3) Attends meetings. The Chapter President-Elect is required to attend the same meetings as the Chapter President. These are detailed under the Chapter President’s responsibilities.
4) Learns during the year as President-Elect, as much as possible about the operation of the Chapter so that when he/she assumes presidency the following year, a smooth transition will occur.
5) Recruits Advisory Board members to serve during his/her presidency.
6) Upon assuming the office of President, promptly provides the Association Office with the names of all Chapter and committee officers appointed to serve the Chapter. Submission forms are supplied by the Association office. The completed forms should be forwarded to the may result in the omission of these names from the Chapter’s listing on the Association web pages and the timely addition of individual’s e-mail addresses to the appropriate discussion list.
7) Transfers records to the new Chapter President-Elect. On assuming the office of President, all pertinent records should be given to the incoming Chapter President-Elect within 20 days of assuming the office of President. As the new Chapter President, make sure all Chapter officers have received their files.
8) Facilitates the program initiatives of the regions, the New Professionals Committee, and the Emerging Technologies Committee
9) Communicates monthly about Chapter activities via existing chapter communication channels (website, blog, listserv, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc)
10) Maintains a section of the website, as directed by the Director, Communications
11) Performs any other duties as required for operation of the Chapter and the request of the President.