[Comment: Each Chapter is required to have an elected Secretary by the Chapter’s Governing Document. This position is sometimes combined with the Chapter Treasurer.]

The Chapter Secretary’s duties are as follows:

1. To record and distribute minutes of the Chapter’s business meetings, including the annual business meeting. Minutes are a record of the proceedings of a meeting. They should contain a record of actions taken at the meeting. Minutes are to be kept not only for the annual business meeting, but also for all Executive Board and Advisory Board meetings of the Chapter. The first paragraph of the minutes should include the following information:

a. Kind of meeting: annual business meeting or executive board or Board meeting;
b. The name of the Chapter;
c. The date, time and place of the meeting;
d. The name of the convening officer and secretary or their substitutes, and if an executive board meeting, the names of those present;
e. Whether the minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved or corrected.
The body of the minutes should contain a separate paragraph for each subject discussed and should include the wording of each motion; the name of the seconder does not need to be entered. The minutes should state if the motion was approved, failed, failed for lack of a second, amended, postponed, or referred. If there is a count taken of a vote on a motion, the count must be recorded.

Depending on the nature of a committee report, it can be summarized by the secretary or included intact in the minutes. The name and the subject of a guest speaker can be given, but no effort should be made to summarize the speaker’s remarks.

The final paragraph includes the time of adjournment and the signature of the secretary.
Send a copy of the minutes to the Leadership Department at the Association Office.
Approved minutes are to be distributed to board members and posted on the chapter website.

2. To conduct official correspondence and maintain a file of current records as requested by the Chapter President. At the end of the Association year, archival material should be transferred to the Chapter archivist. It is preferable to have two-year overlapping terms for secretary and treasurer to assure continuity of records.

3. To serve as a member of the Chapter Executive Board.