[Comment: Each Chapter is required to have an elected Treasurer by the Chapter’s Governing Document. This position is sometimes combined with the Chapter Secretary.]

GENERAL DUTIES: The Chapter Treasurer’s duties are as follows:

1) To serve as a member of the Executive Board.

2) To maintain all financial records of the Chapter in accordance with Association Practices and submit required reports to the Association office accurately and on time.

3) Collect, deposit, and expend funds for the Chapter as requested and authorized by the President, President Elect, and Treasurer in the performance of their normal duties and by the approved Chapter budget. In addition, to arrange for the President, President Elect, and Treasurer to have appropriate signing authority.
4) To prepare, sign, and submit an audited annual financial statement for each fiscal year ending December 31. Forms can be accessed on the Association web site. The completed statements must be submitted to the Director, Finance at the Association office by January 31. Each Chapter’s annual financial statement must be certified as to its accuracy by an auditor chosen by the Treasurer and approved by the President or President Elect within SLA guidelines; i.e. the auditor must not be: a member of the unit, a member of the SLA Board of Directors, or an employee of, or supervisor of, the Treasurer.

5) To report the fiscal financial condition of the Chapter to the Executive Board at each Board meeting, and submit with formal written statements to be submitted to the Board at least twice during the year, at the end of each fiscal-year quarter and also at the Chapter Annual Business Meeting. The quarterly statements should include year-to-date totals.

6) To monitor Chapter fund-raising activities to ensure that they are in compliance with Association Practices. The Treasurer will provide charitable contribution acknowledgment letters and receipts to individual and organizational donors for all checks, cash, and credit card gifts of $75 or greater. The Treasurer will provide charitable contribution acknowledgment letters and receipts to individual and organizational donors for all in-kind gifts of $250 or greater. The Treasurer will provide copies of charitable contribution acknowledgment letters and receipts to headquarters for all contributions in excess of $5,000 (check, cash, credit card, and in-kind) on an ongoing basis.

7) To work with Partner Relations Committee Chair to invoice vendor partners for any financial agreements between partners and the chapter. Gets information from Vendor Partnership Committee Chair to send with invoice (applicable links to program, Bulletin, or other partnering material along with a note of thanks).

8) To prepare a line-item Fiscal Year Budget for presentation to the Board at its first meeting of the year. The budget should be based on data collected from: committee chairs and officers, as well as any other chapter members who may have responsibilities relating to SLA New England Chapter financial activities. It should take into account current year plans and strategies, and modified line items from the previous Fiscal Year Budget. The quarterly financial statements should include a variance analysis, based on the budget, that matches budgeted against actual expenses.

a) Additionally, the Treasurer should immediately report to the Board any expenses or expenditures materially at variance with the standing     budget.

9) Maintain expenditures and income for respective line items in Budget (based on receipt input from Chapter Treasurer).

10) Report on year-to-date net expenditures or deficit at Chapter Board Meetings.

11) Advise Chapter Board on Chapter Financial issues.