Strategic Plan approved March 16, 2012



VISION:  New England Chapter of the Special Libraries Association is the leading regional professional association for innovative librarians and information professionals.

MISSION:  Promote and strengthen members’ professional growth through learning, advocacy, and networking initiatives.

OUR MEMBERS:  Our members serve as a critical knowledge resource in corporations, professional organizations, law firms, engineering firms, media outlets, biotechnology firms, pharmaceutical organizations, academic and medical institutions covering Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut (with the exception of Fairfield County).


Leadership:  Strengthening our roles as leaders in our organizations and in our communities, including shaping and implementing information policies at all levels of society locally and globally.

Service: Responding to our clients’ needs, adding qualitative and quantitative value to information services and products. Serving chapter members by mentoring professional growth.

Innovation and Continuous Learning: Embracing innovative solutions for the enhancement of services and intellectual advancement within the profession.

Results and Accountability: Delivering measurable results for our members, organizations, and communities. Chapter leaders and members are expected to operate with the highest level of ethical conduct, honesty, transparency and governance.

Collaboration and Partnering: Providing opportunities to collaborate with other SLA chapters and divisions, other information and library professional organizations, related professional organizations, local library and information science (LIS) graduate programs, public and private sectors to provide our members with professional development resources and opportunities.


Goal 1:  ProgrammingIncrease members’ engagement and address members’ specific interests

Steps toward:

  1. Provide virtual programming for distant members and those with tight schedules who would otherwise be unable to attend
  2. Engage more chapter members to run programs for professional development
  3. Provide programming that address the following content areas
    • Job-related topics
    • Persuasion and influence skills to leverage in the workplace
    • Integrate emerging technologies in your workplace
    • New products/services to use at the workplace
    • How to overcome Information Overload
  4. Provide networking opportunities for information professionals to get together with Dine Arounds  and Brown Bag Lunch Discussions
  5. Promote the use of cost benefit analysis for program planning purposes.
  6. Improve publicity and promotion of events by working with New England Chapter Communications Director, Divisions, fellow chapters, local professional organizations, and local LIS programs.
  7. Conduct a comprehensive Program Survey
  8. Conduct  evaluation surveys for select programs

Goal 2:  Membership: Sustain and grow membership

Steps toward:

  1. Expand communication with members by leveraging new technologies and working with President-Elect, Communication Director, Emerging Technologies Chair, Membership Chair, and Webmaster.
  2. Promote member services, benefits and community-building initiatives via website, listserv, and social media outlets
  3. Develop member benefits that are exclusive to New England Chapter members
  4. Offer comprehensive information about job opportunities, strategies, and resources  at the local and national levels
  5. Implement a campaign to recruit new members
  6. Welcome and contact new members either by phone call or email
  7. Proactively contact renewing members and lapsed members via phone or email
  8. Contact members who are currently not New England members and encourage them to join
  9. Promote members’ activities via the website
  10. Engage with local LIS schools – Simmons and Southern Connecticut State University – continue to provide Day on The Job service and scholarships to attend the Annual Conference
  11. Conduct Member Satisfaction Survey to identify what services/benefits desired by members

Goal 3:  Communication:   Keep members abreast of the latest chapter news and events. Increase SLA New England’s recognition in the community.

Steps toward:

  1. Develop a coordinated marketing and communications strategy to promote the Chapter to members and to the great community; Define a workflow to communicate one message
  2. Publicize programs, events, and services with President, President-Elect, Communications Director and Programs Leads.
  3. Implement a service/tool that allows the SLA New England Chapter message to be pushed to the masses
  4. Integrate emerging technologies to enhance the members’ experience
  5. Monitor website traffic and social media outlet participation
  6. Have an initiative that encourages members to share their knowledge on the website
  7. Establish an outreach campaign targeting employers and community to introduce them to SLA New England
  8. Elicit feedback from members regarding best ways to communicate information

Goal 4:  Partnerships:  Establish partnerships with organizations to extend the reach of SLA New England

Steps toward:

  1. Explore partnerships and collaborations with aligned organizations and professions:  medical, information management and  technology, legal, competitive intelligence and others
  2. Collaborate with fellow SLA chapters and divisions regarding programming and services
    1. Define and implement a  sponsorship plan
    2. Explore reduced rates for multiple memberships

Goal 5:  Strengthen Chapter Leadership and Operations:  Define an approach that fosters new leaders and the chapter’s sustainability

Steps toward:

  1. Evaluate chapter organization and administration, including committee structure and documentation
  2. Explore opportunities for operational efficiencies and additional administrative capacity
  3. Maintain the Strategic Planning Committee and task members with activities that aid in the success of the plan Committee will review and report on the progress towards plan every 12 months
  4. Develop and implement a fundraising plan for the chapter
  5. Gather a committee to assess a Regional Workshop
  6. Assess Annual Business Meeting structure and timing

Approved by SLA New England Chapter Board on March 16, 2012.


2010-2012 Strategic Planning Committee

Paula Cohen, Chair – SLA New England Strategic Planning, Director

Sharon Christenson

Peter Droese

Doug Southard

Daniel Singer

Cindy Sullivan – Advisor to Committee