About SLA

SLA (Special Libraries Association) is a nonprofit global organization for innovative information professionals and their strategic partners. SLA serves more than 12,000 members in 83 countries in the information profession, including corporate, academic and government information specialists. SLA’s mission is to promote and strengthen its members through learning, advocacy, and networking initiatives.

The New Jersey Chapter


April 25, 1935, at a meeting attended by 28 general and special librarians. Prior to this time special librarians attended meetings of the New York Chapter.

In December 2017, the SLA Board approved the merger of two chapters located in New Jersey, The Greater Princeton-Trenton Chapter and the New Jersey Chapter.

Now named the New Jersey Chapter of SLA, this group serves the entire state, holding  in-person dinner meetings with professional development programs in central locations, online continuing education webinars, and no-host networking dinners in various counties throughout the state.

The New Jersey members of the Special Libraries Association, realizing the need for a more intensive knowledge of the state’s special library resources, and desiring to cooperate more effectively in their development, as well as to promote friendship among professional neighbors, wish to establish a New Jersey Chapter of the Special Libraries Association, and ask the Executive Board of the Association to approve this step. By thus organizing, we believe we can develop a mutual exchange of ideas; give added inspiration to our work; give opportunity for discussion of individual projects of work that will save duplication of effort; and serve as a clearing house of information.

New Jersey Chapter, Special Libraries Association

With the Special Libraries Association as the New Jersey Chapter June 11, 1935. Geographical boundaries for the New Jersey Chapter were approved by the Special Libraries Association on February 3, 1978.

Founding members numbered 28; present membership is approximately 150.


The Chapter conducts at least four regular meetings from September to May each year, often preceded by dinner programs featuring outstanding speakers or may offer panel or table discussions.

Each year various committees are appointed to promote and implement the activities of the Chapter. Committees include Business Manager, Bylaws, Career Guidance, Employment, Finance, Government Relations, Membership, Nominations/Awards, Professional Development, Program, Communications, etc.

New Jersey has hosted six annual conferences of the Special Libraries Association in 1916 and 1919 in Asbury Park and in 1923, 1926,1950, and 1959 in Atlantic City.

On April 24, 1985 the Chapter celebrated its 50th anniversary. Distinguished guests in attendance included state senators Leanna Brown and Matthew Feldman; President-Elect of SLA, Robert Malinowski; and sixteen past Chapter presidents. The featured speaker was John Berry, Editor-in-Chief of Library Journal. In May 1995 the Chapter celebrated its 60th anniversary with a gala celebration in conjunction with the year’s annual meeting.


Chapter Bulletin:
The Chapter Bulletin was first issued in 1936 and is no longer issued.

The Chapter manual was first issued in 1953 and has been continually revised to guide the officers and committees in managing the activities of the Chapter

Membership Directory:
The directory is available to members at the Special Libraries Association website, under Member Directory. Previously, a directory of the members of the New Jersey Chapter had been issued periodically since 1936. The most recent directory had listed more than 400 members by personal name, including organizational and division indexes.

A brochure titled “The Special Library: A Real Resource” was prepared in 1987. Its purpose is to inform organizations that may need help in establishing or operating a special library that the New Jersey Chapter offers a free consultation service to assist them.

A brochure describing the New Jersey Chapter was prepared in 1988. Its purpose was to provide information on the Chapter to prospective members.

Electronic Communications

The New Jersey Chapter began showing a presence on the World Wide Web in 1996.

The Special Libraries Association web site is found at http://www.sla.org/.