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    Posted 11-08-2018 19:43

    October – November Blog

    The Programming Committee and everyone associated with this year's Technology Program deserve a round of applause for a wonderfully successful program.  Debbie Ginsberg was an energetic and informative speaker.  While we're not yet ready to start trafficking in bit coin, the attendees mostly came away with an understanding of the blockchain process and how it might impact us as librarians.

    We're all anticipating a wonderful holiday party on Dec. 11.  The Rutgers Inn and Conference Center is the location for this event.  The evening will include our Annual Business Meeting, including the elections for next year's Executive Board for the NJ Chapter.  We still need a member to step up and volunteer for the position of Secretary.  We will finish off the evening with the annual Gloria Dinerman Memorial White Elephant Gift Exchange.  Each year seems to bring the favorite gift that gets stolen often and yes, at least one white elephant.

     I have a standing offer to anyone along the northern part of the Route 287 corridor: if you cannot/prefer not to drive to the meeting, suggest a place on my way south to the meeting where you can be picked up easily.   I will pick up and deliver as many people as I can fit into my CRV and return each one, at the end of the evening, to the location where I picked you up.  I hope that location is far closer to home for you than it would be for you to drive to and from the meeting.  If there is anyone in the southern area willing to make a similar offer and pick up people to drive them north, to our meetings, please speak up.  We're trying to pick physical locations for our meetings and dine arounds that are in the middle of the state.  We would like to see more people attend our in-person meetings.  I must admit that the company in the car at the end of the night is an added bonus for me as are the available cell phones with WAZE driving instructions being read off to me as I navigate the NJ traffic.

    The plans for the 2019 Chapter year are beginning.  If you want to chime in with suggestions, please contact President-Elect Janet Weiss or soon to be Past-President Karen Botkin.  I look forward to seeing all of you on December 11th.  (See the event flyer in the post below this, please.)

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