About Us

About Us


Situated in an information capital of the world, the New York Community of SLA reflects the Big Apple's prominence in finance, communications, health care, publishing, and the arts. The Community's members work in a broad spectrum of New York metropolitan area-based businesses and non-profit institutions. SLA-NY is one of the largest of the Association’s communities The large size and great diversity of the New York Community make it a unique networking resource for its members.

Among the Community’s goals are to communicate the value of its members and to create opportunities to influence the knowledge industry. SLA-NY also seeks to heighten members' capabilities through networking, professional development, and leadership opportunities.


Volunteer opportunities offer the opportunity to develop leadership skills and “give back” by serving on the SLA-NY Board or Advisory Committee (AC).

Being a member of the Board/AC is a rewarding way to increase your involvement in the Community get to know and work with many other talented SLA members, and make a contribution to the development of the Association and the profession.


The Community offers networking in a variety of ways!
  • In person with peers at our many Communityevents
  • General program meetings, with interesting presentations by dynamic speakers — open to all and free to members
  • Specialized program meetings sponsored by, for instance, our Business & Finance Division or Diversity Committee — also open to all and free to members
  • Regular “Happy Hours”
  • Annual Holiday Party

Professional Development

Attend sessions that will help you to keep up with the latest technology, perform better, show the value of your work, and market yourself. Explore new kinds of career opportunities for information professionals such as:
  • Website development
  • Content management
  • Information architecture
  • Portal usability

Diversity Committee

We focus on providing programs that can speak on Diversity and Inclusion topics seen in our work environment as well as in the New York City Tri-State area. We have had fun and interesting events to honor and celebrate heritage months, like Black History Month, Women's History Month, Honoring our LGBTQ Community, Hispanic History Month to name a few. 

 Programs can be within these areas:

  • Fun activities happening in the Tri-state area within music, theater and/or the arts
  • We have panels and guest speakers on interesting topics
  • We have Walks in person and virtually
  • Trainings in Cultural Intelligence and beyond 

Committee Members

  • Lisa Lopez
  • Clara Cabrera
  • Leigh Hallingby

For further information or to make suggestions for future events contact flordalisa13.lopez@gmail.com

Student Life

  • Connect with a network of information professionals while working toward an MLIS/MI degree
  • SLA-NY offers funding opportunities through a generous scholarship program and a travel award to attend the national SLA conference

Job Opportunities

Stay attuned to the job market via:

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