2022 Events

Special Libraries Association - New York Community wants to provide you with the learning and social opportunities that you find most useful. For upcoming events, please see the list to the right or view our Upcoming Events section.

Clara Cabrera is SLA-NY Program Events Coordinator. Reach out if you have interest in learning about event management, want hands-on experience with event technology, or help out with a specific event.  

Recurring Events

Managers Round Table Meetings
Organized by Eileen Rourke

Come to the SLA NY Managers Breakfast round table discussion group for chapter members currently in management positions or with supervisory responsibilities. This group will provide an informal network for participants to seek advice and share best practices with their peers. This event occurs every other month with the next scheduled for April 29 8am ET.

Librarian Roundtable
Organized by Christine Pelosi

This new monthly event will provide a space for members to discuss issues and trends in the library field, as well as ask others about projects, procedures, recommendations, and general advice. Register for the next session(s):

Wednesday, March 16 at 6pm ET

2022 Events | In Case You Missed It
Leading in LIS
How do you become a leader in LIS? What skills do you need? How do you overcome challenges? Does "leadership" change from one organization to the next? Folx from various LIS organizations come together to discuss their experiences, thoughts, and ideas about what it's like to be in a leadership role in the field.

Jesús Alonso-Regalado, LANE
Davis Erin Anderson, METRO
Daisy Domínguez, CCNY Libraries
Emily Dowie, NYLA CLWCRT
Miranda Mims, Nomadic Archivists Project
Peyton Powell, NYLA CLWCRT

Watch the recording here.

SLA NY Up Close and Personal: education professionals and academic librarians

Join us for an engaging discussion on the topic perspectives from education professionals and academic librarians with:
    • Nick Alongi, Head Access, Information and Collection Services, and Operations at Fordham’s Quinn Library
    • Leslin Charles, Instructional Design Librarian and Librarian at James Dickson Carr Library as well as a Library Faculty at New Brunswick at Rutgers
    • Giovanna Colosi, Education Librarian, Subject Instruction Lead at Syracuse University.
The panelists will discuss building and re-establishing relationships with library patrons and constituents in this new normal. The discussion will be moderated by Ameerah Stafford, Associated Director of the Education Resource Center at the University of Delaware.

Watch the recording here.

LGBTQ Comic Con and LIS

Organized by Clara Cabrera and Alvina Lai
Geeks OUT (GO) is a New York City-based non-profit organization whose mission is to rally, empower, and promote the queer geek community. In 2015, GO launched Flame Con, the world’s largest queer comic con.
In conversation with Alvina Lai, Nic Gitau, librarian and president of GO, takes us through the history of GO and Flame Con, and explores how LIS can connect with and promote the comics community. Nic's career path as a librarian is also discussed. 

Watch the recording here.