Living Land Acknowledgement

Living Land Acknowledgment

SLA-NY acknowledges the occupation of the unceded lands of indigenous peoples and recognizes responsibility towards reconciliation, decolonization, and ally-ship in physical and digital spaces.

Digital Living Land Acknowledgment

"Since our activities are shared digitally to the internet, let's take a moment to consider the legacy of colonization embedded within the technology, structures, and ways of thinking we use every day. We are using equipment and high-speed internet, not available in many Indigenous communities. Even the technologies that are central to much of the art we make, leaves significant carbon footprints, contributing to changing climates that disproportionately affect Indigenous people worldwide. I invite you to join us in acknowledging all this, as well as our shared responsibility to make good of this time and for each of us to consider our roles in reconciliation, decolonization, and ally-ship."

Presented with permission: Adrienne Wong, from Digital + Performance Convening of SpiderWebShow