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SLA Convention First-Timers Dinner

  • 1.  SLA Convention First-Timers Dinner

    Posted 04-08-2019 11:55

     Tony Stankus and First-Timers' Conference Dinner raffle winners enjoying their meal

    For SLA Convention First-Timers!

    At SLA's Annual Convention "Fellows-Meet-First-Timers Reception, " on  Sunday, June 16,  from 6pm-6:30pm in the INFO_EXPO Hall,  as a personal "Welcome-to-SLA, " Fellow Tony Stankus will again conduct a business card drawing for First-Timers with 3 winners who are then treated to an all-expenses-paid dinner party.  This year's dinner party will be held at 8pm that same Sunday at the Burnham Restaurant in the Downtown Cleveland Hilton, the SLA HQ hotel,  across the street from the convention center. All the usual gourmet meal entrees, plus vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are available, as is a fabulously well-stocked bar, expansive wine list, and multiple taps for craft beers. As evidenced above from the dinner party at SLA Annual in Baltimore, a very good time was had by all! All you have to do to be eligible to win is to attend the "Fellows-Meet-First-Timers-Reception," put your business card into the basket of Tony's handicapped scooter, and be present for the announcement of the three winners. Even apart from the handicapped scooter, Tony has been readily recognizable at SLA since 1975 for always wearing a business suit (or white evening dinner jacket), a white shirt, and a bowtie!

    Kelly Johnson
    Veterinary Outreach and Information Resources Librarian
    Cornell University